Ramon Magsaysay Awards Foundation Kapihan Sessions

Ramon Magsaysay Awardees Foundation held its 1st Kapihan Session for the yar 2014 on March 1, 2014

Special guests for the Kapihan Session were Christopher and Ma. Victoria Carpio –  Bernido along with the GOS ( Greatness of Spirit ) ambassadors.


According to Christopher, we should concentrate on the solutions, not the problems. One posssible solution is the MOOCs – Massive Open Online Course.

MOOCs is free. Global. Online.

The Bernidos are the one that structured the DLP – Dynamic Learning Program – in practice as I understand it is something like competency based learning, mixed with right brain approach, mixed with montessori style teaching.

Target of the Bernidos – an average filipino should do as an average student from any advanced country like Singapore or Germany.

” Inclusive Education is a MUST!” Ma. Victoria Carpio – Bernido

“Students need to write” – one of the major core concepts of Inclusive Education.

“No Homework Policy” Nice…. hehehehehe. I wish all schools like that.

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