Review of the 32 GB Kata X1 Laptop

Finally, we have the review of the Kata X1 which is a 32 GB 14 inch laptop with 2 GB RAM. You can watch the video review here:

The Kata X1 has 2 3.0 USB ports, 1 Micro HDMI port and a 3.5 mm headset jack port. For a complete list of specifications, read the Unboxing of the Kata X1.

Quick tips in using the Kata X1. Make sure you have an SD card installed when you upgrade your Windows 10.

2 fingers on the touchpad up or down is the equivalent of page up and down.

3 fingers on the touchpad going down, brings you to the desktop. 3 fingers going up brings you to the open tabs you have.

Battery life is at 4 hrs if everything is maxed out including the brightness of the screen and around 7 hrs and 3 mins at the minimum setting of the screen brightness.

Make sure you go to the settings in the storage part to set save to SD card as 1st choice to save on the internal memory of the X1.

Priced under 10,000 at 9,999 php, the KATA X1 is a value for money 14 inch laptop that is great for word processing and browsing. It can even handle movie maker video projects. This is a value for money laptop that you can use for your daily grind at school or at work.



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