Review of the KATA Fishtab 3 tablet

Tablets nowadays are a common site all around us especially if you live in the Metro. They come in all shapes and sizes. from 7 inch tablets to whooping 14 inch tablets. Some tablets can now even be attached with a keyboard.

What most Android tablets in the market lack today is enough RAM to keep you going through all the apps you need to use on a daily basis.  well, lets face it. Most tablet user just use facebook, twitter, instagram and other social media networks, Plus photos and games. But even though, if you play a lot of games having more RAM available is better.

I started my TABLET experiment a couple of months ago, when me and a couple of other guys went to Kabankalan for the Sinulog 2014. 

For the last month I’ve been using the Fishtab 3 from Kata Digital. For more about the specs read here in our unboxing.

Based on my research in the net, very few tablets have 2 gig ram available and the Fishtab is the only one in the price points of less than 8,000 php.

Here is what the Home screen looks like when you open it for the 1st time.


Thats all that is pre installed. As you can see, minimal bloatware. They do have their own Fish Market – where you can download free apps and the Fishtunes for songs.

The size is about the same as the ipad mini and as far as I could tell, you could even use the casings for the kata.

So how does the KATA perform in the daily grind? So far so good. With the Kingsoft Office installed, I can create and modify word and other documents on the go.

Battery life? Lasts for the day until the next day with moderate use for office stuff. (gaming – it will last about 4 hrs straight)

Watching videos? I watch videos both online and offline on the tablet and I must say the screen resolution is a lot better that other tablets I have reviewed so far. It also goes for looking at pictures.

Gaming – I installed a couple of 3d games on the tablet and it works fine. Barely any lag in the game.

Pictures? Well, not so good. With no flash capability you are reduced to taking shots in good lighting only

The 2 pictures above were taken using the back camera of the Fishtab3

Here is a selfie.


The Kata Fishtab comes with an 8 gig internal memory that is expandable with an SD card upto 32 gig.

Its is also OTG – which means you can attach an otg cable to be able to open USB’s. Although it cant read CF cards, so i guess photoediting straight from the CF card of my Canon 40d is out of the question.

It also works with those generic plug in keyboards with case you can buy. Although you can also use bluetooth keyboards if you want, but I prefer the plug in types since I dont have to worry with the keyboard running low on battery while working.

So if you’re looking for an affordable tablet that can do most of your daily stuff like word processing, simple photo editing, website updates, blog updates, emails, games and etc., then the Fishtab 3 is for you.


Ron is a happily married man for more than 10 years, the father of 3 boys. Loves to write about places that he visits. And works in the BPO industry.