Review of the LG L40 Dual sim phone

Well, As promised folks, here’s the review of the LG L40 Dual Sim phone.

As mentioned in the unboxing, the LG L40 phone is a dual sim phone featuring 2 regular sized sim phones sporting a 1,540mAh Li-Ion battery and a KitKat OS.


Well, the back cover seems to have the same finish as its bigger counterpart from the LG G Pro series and has a very solid feel to it. One thing I was worried about initally was the battery life of this small phone which is roughly around 3.5 inches. Well, for a phone that you will use primarily for phone calls and text, this phone lasted for a little more than 2 days in use. And a stunning 5 days stand by ( its on, but no one is using it. )

The Camera quality is a little above what you would expect from its 3 megapixel size. Don’t expect whooping billboard quality pictures.

Whats nice about this phone is it incorporates  features from its bigger cousin like the Knock Code where you can use own own type of knock ( tap ) patterns to unlock the phone from hibernation.

Guest mode – which protects your privacy when other users or friends take a look at your phone.

Quickmemo which allows the users to write notes and doodads directly on the screen and a couple of others that I wasn’t able to test.

At the price point of 4,790, the LG L40 Dual Sim phone is an excellent backup phone for heavy mobile users like me who are always on the go, or as a primary phone for people like my wife, who doesn’t like using a big phone on a daily basis for simple fact of safety and comfort in the daily commute without sacrificing the quality of the phone, performance and reliability.

All in all, the phone seems pretty solid all the way from workmanship to the specifications inside the phone.



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