Review of the Next Infinity Quattro from Cloudfone

Cloudfone has quietly released a number of new phones this December with the Next Infinity series.. and the top of the line from that is the Quattro.. click here for the specifications and unboxing of the Quattro.

Here is the youtube video for the video and gaming review

The Next Infinity Quattro is technically a Quad Cam phone.. meaning it has 4 cameras set up. 2 in the front and 2 in the back.

As mentioned in the unboxing, the front facing cameras for selfies or groupies are an 8 MP front camera with 120 degree wide angle lens, and 20 MP front camera with F2.2 aperture and 1/2.8″ sensor for greater light capture and 5P lens. See the various test shots below.

And the rear camera have the following specifications… 13MP rear + 5MP for depth of field.. see below for the sample shots of the rear camera.

What’s the benefit of the 18:9 screen ratio? Grabbed from

Easier To Grip – Since you’re creating more height and less width, it’s easier to hold an 18:9 ratio phone in one hand. The smartphone with an 18:9 ration can have 12.5% more height and pixels while still being just as easy to grip.

View More Content – Most apps and websites are viewed vertically on mobile devices. This means that an 18:9 ratio phone lets you see more of the content thanks to the extra height.

An Improved Form Factor – Since 18:9 ratio means more height and less width for the same screen size, it makes the phone a little more pocket friendly. Since your leg curves, the thinner ratio will won’t stretch your pocket as much and be comfier.

18:9 = 2:1 – When you break down the 18:9 ratio it becomes 2:1. This means that the height is double width creating two perfect squares ready-made for the oncoming of split-screen mobile productivity.

Here are some shots of apps in the Quattro that work with the 18:9 Infinite Vision Display….

So far, so good.. in terms of battery life, the Next Infinity Quattro lasts me almost the whole day.. gaming and browsing within normal limits, of course…

Here is a quick look at the Antutu score of this 12,999 php phone.

The Quattro has a 5 point touch screen.


All in all… the Next Infinity Quattro is a well rounded and versatile phone that you can use for gaming, picture taking and everything in between especially when you think about the pricing they have which beats just about everyone in the same specifications category!



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