Same day cash withdrawal from Paypal to Paymaya

Need cash fast and all your funds are stuck in Paypal? You’re not the 1st to encounter that problem.. what most freelancers do is run to thee nearest paypal,, if you need one.. let me know..Ill refer you. But dont worry.. now you can easily and more importantly get your funds the same day you withdraw them from Paypla with Paymaya!


I purposely erased my card number for security purposes.. but here’s what you need to do..

UPDATE!!!!!! As of Novemeber 2016 – If you want to see how fast the withdrawal from Paypal to Paymaya is…Read here:

Open your paypal.. go to add cards and enter the card details that you find at the actual card.. not the virtual details that you can find in the paymaya app.

Once it’s linked, you’re good to go! Go to withdrawals in your Paypal account. Choose you account details and withdraw.

paymaya paypal

The fixed rate to transfer cash is at 5 usd as the service charge which is almost the same if you transfer cash to your bank account at bdo13133090_10153680365203284_8241259827681072560_nSee the time stamp? 930 am.. 31.5 usd transferred



The cash came in to my paymaya account at 10:39 am.. around an hour with exchange rate at 45.97. BDO buying rate is at 46.900 with a peso difference.

Since your Paymaya card is also linked to your paypal already.. you can use your paypal to pay for your normal online transactions as a blogger to pay for hosting and other stuff.


Cool, right?

The main reason you can do this is because Paymaya uses VISA.. and Paypal allows withdrawals directly to visa cards.

Hope this helps other freelancers and work at home peeps out there.. next up soon is how to withdraw your funds without going through paypal.


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