Same day cash withdrawal from Paypal to Paymaya

Need cash fast and all your funds are stuck in Paypal? You’re not the 1st to encounter that problem.. what most freelancers do is run to thee nearest paypal,, if you need one.. let me know..Ill refer you. But dont worry.. now you can easily and more importantly get your funds the same day you withdraw them from Paypla with Paymaya!


I purposely erased my card number for security purposes.. but here’s what you need to do..

UPDATE!!!!!! As of Novemeber 2016 – If you want to see how fast the withdrawal from Paypal to Paymaya is…Read here:

Open your paypal.. go to add cards and enter the card details that you find at the actual card.. not the virtual details that you can find in the paymaya app.

Once it’s linked, you’re good to go! Go to withdrawals in your Paypal account. Choose you account details and withdraw.

paymaya paypal

The fixed rate to transfer cash is at 5 usd as the service charge which is almost the same if you transfer cash to your bank account at bdo13133090_10153680365203284_8241259827681072560_nSee the time stamp? 930 am.. 31.5 usd transferred



The cash came in to my paymaya account at 10:39 am.. around an hour with exchange rate at 45.97. BDO buying rate is at 46.900 with a peso difference.

Since your Paymaya card is also linked to your paypal already.. you can use your paypal to pay for your normal online transactions as a blogger to pay for hosting and other stuff.


Cool, right?

The main reason you can do this is because Paymaya uses VISA.. and Paypal allows withdrawals directly to visa cards.

Hope this helps other freelancers and work at home peeps out there.. next up soon is how to withdraw your funds without going through paypal.


Ron is a happily married man for more than 10 years, the father of 3 boys. Loves to write about places that he visits. And works in the BPO industry.

  • Thanks for sharing this. I only have the PayMaya virtual card. Will get the physical card too to try this one.

  • love

    Finally, I have linked my paymaya card on my paypal account. I’ll try to withdraw my funds now..

    • love

      I transferred my funds yesterday but up until now I still haven’t received it yet..

      • love

        I just received it. It took me one day.

        • wahpinas

          Hmmm.. what time did you transfer? What Day? I got mine less than 2 hours

      • Dominique Valdez

        nawwithdraw po ba siya via paymaya ATM

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  • Iam Nixs

    Anyone still able to withdraw their funds same day? or within 2 hours?

    • admin

      I tried it about 2 weeks ago. and it still worked…

  • Anthony Roan

    Definitely no same day cash withdrawal for Paymaya. Hayzzz. Called Paypal to cancel the transaction, hindi na daw pwede. Na batch out na daw…. Kakainis

  • vivien Tizon

    Hi, I was inspired by your post and tried paymaya as my option to withdraw my freelancing funds. I will keep you posted if this works πŸ™‚

  • jungyunho

    Do physical Paymaya cards now have names? I only got numbers on mine! πŸ™ How did you get it?

    • vivien Tizon

      Hi okay lang po yan khit numbers lang πŸ™‚

      • jungyunho

        I know. Just wanted to know how he got the card with the name or if it’s already available for everyone πŸ™‚

        • wahpinas

          HI – you can actually request for one… but it will take time

          • jungyunho

            hello. thank you for replying. mga gaano katagal inabot sa inyo?

          • admin

            Overnight lang.. actually inabot ng 3 days… lol.di ko nabalikan e

          • Jo Anne

            Actually winuwork out pa nila yan. As of now card with EVM chip pa lang pwede kunin. Yung dating may name ay promo daw nila nung inintroduce yung paymaya card with beep. Yung paymaya with beep di mo na maoorder. ( ) Yan yung link sa card na may beep, pag clinik mo yung ‘get one now’ wala namang mangyayari kase wala na yung promo na yan. Yan ang sinabi sakin nung nagmessage ako sakanila sa FB kase gusto ko din sana kumuha ng card na may name. ( ) eto yung available card.

          • John

            Ask ko about PayPal encashment?

        • vivien Tizon

          Im not sure, pero pag sa Jump Center ka ata nagapply pwede may name

  • vivien Tizon

    Hi guys, this is legit. I got mine within 24 hours. Once na completed na sya sa transaction sa Paypal, seconds lang nanjan na siya sa Paymaya account mo. I dont know if matagal sya kasi hindi pa verified yung paymaya physical card ko nung nag transfer ako (yes, you can add a card WITHOUT VERIFYING IT basta may balance yung card) kaya ganun sya katagal nagtransfer. I’ll try to do it next time bago magtransfer ulit. TIA!

    • Renjie Acob

      Magkano balance requirement for the card?

      • admin

        Hi – I thnk you need at least 200 php to link your card.. babalik din naman yun.. for verification purposes lang yun

      • vivien Tizon

        200 po

  • John

    I still use unionbank eon visa debit card for my paypal transfer as it would only charge me P50 for the transaction. The only catch is that the debit card has a 350 annual fee.

    • admin

      I used to use that also. pero for now.. I like the paymaya better

    • atheist

      Kesa naman sa 250 kada withdraw sa paymaya dahil card sya, ang eon kasi ay considered na bank account. 250 kada withdraw abot ng libo sa isang taon yan. At saka kapag 7k above ang withdraw mo libre per transaction.

      • admin

        Hi there.. Paymaya is just another option you can use.. you can use naman what you want.. the benefit of using paymaya naman from our test is that it is almost instant na nasa iyo na ang cash.. no need to wait for 2-3 working days for it to get to their bank..

  • Renjie Acob

    Do I need a balance in my PayMaya card to link it to PayPal? It is not allowing now πŸ™

    • vivien Tizon

      Yes you have to load at least 200. You can easily do that in Sm billing centers inside dept stores

  • vivien Tizon

    Guys, just another update. I tried transferring money FRIDAY Afternoon and EXACTLY 24 Hours, nasa paymaya na sya. Take note, saturday nun. πŸ™‚

  • Good afternoon sir. Ask ko lang po kung need ng actual paymaya card para dito? Or pwede rin yung virtual card lang? Wala pa po kasi ako actual card.

    Thank you πŸ™‚

    • admin

      need actual card po

  • florenda cena

    hi po … ask ko lang kasi ang physical card ang nalink ko sa paypal …. macocomplete rin ba yung na withdraw na funds ko? kahit hinde virtual ang nalink ko? still pending parin kasi ..i hope… someone can help me regrdng this issue po …

    • admin

      yes mam, yung actual card no sa card.. yun ang gagamitin.. bago lang po ba ang paypal account nyo?

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  • The producer

    ganito pa rin ba hanggang ngayon, try ko to, nagwithdraw ako 8:40 pm wait ko kung kelan papasok sa Visa Card ko

    • admin

      yup.. tested it 2 weeks ago.. mabilis pa rin pasok nya

    • Philippe Petit

      hindi po to totoo, 5-7 days talaga sya.

  • Ask ko lang if need po ba iverify yung Paymaya account like submitting documents (valid ID), etc. or di na kelangan?

    I also check the “To send money”, it shows “Upgrade for free” . So isubmitted my valid ID and other important details. Need pa ata i-approve yung application mo?

    Gusto ko sana siya itry to withdraw my funds from Paypal. Verified naman na yung Paypal ko since 2004 pa.

    Also, pwede rin kaya sya gamitin pang withdraw from Upwork using LFT (Local Fund Transfer)?

    • admin

      Ask ko lang if need po ba iverify yung Paymaya account like submitting documents (valid ID), etc. or di na kelangan?Yes – just send them qwhat they ask for.. if I remember correctly.. valid ID lang naman

      I also check the β€œTo send money”, it shows β€œUpgrade for free” . So isubmitted my valid ID and other important details. Need pa ata i-approve yung application mo? – Yes. wait mo lang maapprove din yan

      Gusto ko sana siya itry to withdraw my funds from Paypal. Verified naman na yung Paypal ko since 2004 pa. – the no prob ka. manilis dapat yan.

      Also, pwede rin kaya sya gamitin pang withdraw from Upwork using LFT (Local Fund Transfer)? Hmmm.. wala ata direct to visa dun.. so dadaan kapa rin paypal

    • Philippe Petit

      Hi Asha, Need po iupgrade yung Paymaya Account nyo para makapag send at makapag withdraw dun sa Physical Card. pwede kau magpunta sa mga accredited Bayad Centers or magVideo Card dun sa Payma a Official FB page. need po valid ID.

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  • Joyce Ann Bagalayos

    Hi! I’m having a problem here. I sent money to my paymaya from paypal last night and until now it’s still pending. Do you have any idea what could be the problem? thank you!!!

    • Phoebs

      For me, it took 3 days for the transfer to be completed. It is my first time to do such transfer so it took awhile. If it is your first time, too, you can go ahead and check your paypal transaction/s and see how many days the transfer would take.

      • Joyce Ann Bagalayos

        where can i check that? ugh, this post really got my hopes up πŸ™

    • Nicole C

      Were you able to get yours? I transferred Friday night and now the Status is still Pending πŸ™

      • Joyce Ann Bagalayos

        Hi Nicole, I emailed paypal regarding this concern because I just can’t sit still until I know what’s happening. They answered me immediately and informed be that they process the transfers by batch (so it will depend on the volume of the requests they get) and usually takes about 24 to 72 hours for your request to be completed, so luck kinda plays a role here. Now, here’s what good with paymaya, once your request gets completed it will only take little to no time(as in, i think mine took a minute, i guess) for the money to get to your paymaya card. I think when you transfer through a bank account it will take more time. I got mine yesterday, so also, unlike in banks, the saturdays and sundays count πŸ™‚

        I hope this helps! But if you want clarifications straight from the source, you can email paypal as well.

        • Nicole C

          Thank you! It did help. hopefully mine gets completed today or tomorrow since it only takes 24-72hrs .. It’s my first time to withdraw and I kind of got nervous. Haha. I also emailed them already but your answer is more helpful! Haha thanks again!

        • Hello Joyce! May I know the paypal email address that you used when emailing them? I tried contacting them via email (w/ regards to other issue) but I haven’t heard back from them kahit isang email. lol. Thank you! πŸ™‚

          • Joyce Ann Bagalayos

            I just messaged them through their customer service on their website. πŸ™‚

    • Keyleo Dashsnow

      Hi Joyce! I’ve been withdrawing my PayPal funds since November 2016 and the shortest time I got mine in PayMaya was exactly 24 hours. Usually mine takes 2-3 days which makes me a little bit confused as to why it takes this long compared to some others found on the Net testifying that they receive theirs almost instantly. Makes me wonder what makes their accounts (PayMaya and Paypal wise) different to ours.

  • Nicole C

    I transferred Friday night. And now it’s monday and still pending akala ko instant. Bakit ganun πŸ™

  • Julia Manuel

    I can’t withdraw my funds. It always say that it can’t process the transaction at this time. Anybody experienced the same problem? Anyone who could help?

  • Dominique Valdez

    once ba na matransfer from paypal to paymaya pwde sya iwithdraw ng cash sa paymaya ATM?

    • grace molang

      yes but your paymaya account mus be upgraded

  • grace molang

    mine usually takes 24 hours but last dec when i tried to withdraw 33k it took 3 days

  • oni

    paymaya Virtual card # / paymaya physical card pwde mo ma verfiy yung paypal account mu just use it as your credit card .

    Choosing the Right Account Type Paypal
    Personal Account – Ideal if you shop online. Make secure payments on eBay and merchant websites using your credit card, debit card, or bank account.

    Premier Account- Perfect for both buying and selling. Make secure payments on eBay and merchant websites. Plus, accept credit card, debit card, and bank account payments for low fees.

    Business Account- The right choice for your online business. Accept credit card, debit card and bank account payments for low fees.

    Personal Account – It is an account provided by PayPal that allows users to make safe and secure online payments. It can also be used to send money and accept payments. It is an account most suited for users who buy and sell online. You can also link your checking accounts with your Paypal account for easier money transfer and payment options. Besides having all those good reasons to sign up, having a Personal Account on PayPal is free of charge and is accepted by thousands of online stores.

    Limited Monthly payments at $500 can increase if account is verified through bank accounts up to $10,000.

    Business Account – Just as with a personal account, it allows users to make safe and secure online payments and accept payments as well, but for low fees. It is an account most suited for online merchants and other business-inclined entities. It also allows you to do business under a company or group name With a business account, there are lots of features added such as accepting payments on your website, sending and receiving payments among members of over 203 countries. You can also have access to the money in your Paypal account through Debit MasterCard BusinessCard; you can download your account history into a spreadsheet, make payments to hundreds of people simultaneously, and can accept unlimited credit card payments.

    Still don have Paypal account Register for Free:

  • Archel Francisco

    4 days na til now wala pa din yung paypal to paymaya transfer ko so 1 day or instant process is not true. ;-( hintay pa ako ng 5-7 day pag wala pa din eh di nalintikan na ako. ang masakit na katotohan sa paymaya.

    • Gong Inah

      hello, narecieve mo ba yong funds mo? ilan araw bago mo narecieve ? kung narecieve mo sya.. thanks.

  • Ethan David

    Hi, i have been using Paymaya with my Paypal for several months now and ganon pa rin, 3 day usually before mtransfer. tsambahan lng siguro ang nrreceive same day, ksi kahit physical card ang na link mo sa Paypal account mo, nka link pa rin yon sa virtual paymaya card mo. So you are still transferring to the same account.

  • atheist

    Bakit paymaya ang ginagamit nyo para sa paypal withdrawal? Hirap ba kayo magkaroon ng bank account? Pinakamataas na binabayaran from paypal to bank accounts ay 50 tapos kung 7k mahigit ang withdraw nyo libre pa. 2 days lang sa unionbank, 3 days ata sa bpi at iba pang bank. Malaki rin yung 250 na kaltas kada magwiwithdraw kayo.

  • Jham

    bat ako same day to EON ko pag nagtransfer ako from paypal?

    • admin

      Then good for you….! Goodluck to all your endeavors!

    • μ •λ°•

      same day p eon ? union bank un di ba balak ko sana palitan kais ung nka link ko n card s paypal minsan kasi pag urgent need nun pera nid p din ng 3days n waiting period

  • Ash William

    How much money can i withdraw per transaction with paymaya for ATM withdrawal overseas?