Samsung Galaxy Beam I8530 quick review

A couple of weeks ago, my uncle that lives in Jeddah Samsung Galaxy Beam 003 went back home to the Philippines for a quick visit and one of the phones he was carrying was the Samsung Galaxy Beam I8530..a  model that as far as I know wasn’t released here in the Philippines.. and of course,I took the chance to do a quick review.

The 1st thing I noticed was the projector screen –  hmm.. but we will talk of that later..

Here are some quick specifications of the phone..


Samsung Galaxy Beam 014

Internal Memory is 8 gig,partitioned of course

RAM – 768mb – this is the one thing I find weird.. most phones I’ve run into before were 512 mb, 1 gig, 2 gig or 3 gig ram.. So far, this is the only one that I’ve personally held that runs on 768 mb.

Samsung Galaxy Beam 013

Another weird thing is the outdated software this phone runs on which is on Gingerbread 2.3


Samsung Galaxy Beam 008


The built of the phone looks solid enough… the other thing that I find weird is the old style configuration of the pots and everything..

Samsung Galaxy Beam 002
See those weird antennae looking things on the sides.. those are the ports. Battery is at 2000 mAh only.

Samsung Galaxy Beam 001

On the right side is the microsd port for upto 32 gb expandable and on the left side is the port for the sim card…

Samsung Galaxy Beam 004

The Samsung Galaxy Beam I8530 is a bit thicker than a standard cricket lighter.. with the volume controls on the left side.. and on the top right side is the control button for the projector.

Upon purchase of the phone, it includes a battery charger that also doubles as a stand along with an extra battery.

Samsung Galaxy Beam 012

The projector has a  15-lumen DLP nHD (640×360) pico projector.The Samsung Galaxy Beam I8530 is probably the 4th generation phone from Samsung that has a projector built in. Just imagine all the cool things you can do with this baby.. watch movies, do a presentation, share pictures and videos and a lot more…

Well, I dont know if Samsung has released a new version like this,but this is definitely something to look at,or possibly try to get a hand on for guys on the road a lot like me..



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