Shimmian Manila opens its latest branch in SM North- the Block

Last January 13, Shimmian Manila opened its latest branch in SM North- the Block. Shimmian Manila is now being able to broaden its services, it is now their 6th branch. Technology is dynamic, and as innovation rises, Shimmian Manila also considers developing and transforming into a better service provider.

Different celebrities were there during the event to witness the opening and ribbon-cutting. Enumerating Snooky Serna, Jing Castaneda, Nyoy Volante, Jace Flores Jr., MYMP, Take Off, Angela Torres, Yassi Pressman and many more. They are just few of the other celebrities who endorse Shimmian Manila. We can say how reliable and credible Shimmian Manila is, with its exceptional endorsers and impressive services, what more could you ask for? Their equipment are good and of high technology which gives you no reason to doubt as it is manipulated by the experts and had a long time proven their efficiency. The whole staff is accommodating, that it feels not like of a clinic but home of relaxation.


They have also promoted in the event “Goretex Nose Lift.” Goretex implant is one of the recent advances in nasal augmentation. FDA approved, it was discovered in 1858 and originally developed for heart and pulmonary valve operations. However, nowadays it is widely used in cosmetic surgery. Goretex implants is lightweight, soft, flexible, non-biodegradable and has easy-to-mold characteristics. It provides a worry-free, rejection-free, natural looking noselift. It allows human tissues to penetrate and grow through the implant treating it as something not foreign to our bodies. With over 700,000 clinical uses, there are no confirmed cases of material rejection with this implant. The material softness assures comfort and safety enabling the patient to still engage in contact sport such as Volleyball, Scuba Diving and the likes. Since Goretex implant can stand a wide range of temperature, the patient doesn’t have to worry of heat exposure. Oftentimes, it is judged as the BEST IMPLANT material by many nasal surgery masters.


“It’s the quality of life that matters”—living up this catchphrase is what Shimmian Manila aces for in the pioneer of dermatology.

Life wouldn’t be a lot easier if we didn’t live it beautifully. By beautifully, I mean it in a way that’s healthy and youthful. When people feel positive about their selves, may it be physical or the other way around; they tend to do more things in an optimistic energy. With that, more positive things as well come in their lives in a blink of an eye. Of course, people wouldn’t want to wake up every single morning looking dreadful as it would eliminate any encouraging vibrations in their atmosphere, welcoming any negativity instead. Being healthy means a healthy life, making it worth living and making them feel young. And taking care of our skin is one of the best ways to live one of a healthy life.


It has been just a while when Human Stemcell Treatment was out in the market and now; Shimmian Manila offers its own way of this therapy. This Human Stem Cell Therapy is an all-natural treatment as it revitalizes a whole organism through stimulation of old and worn out cells, transforming it into renewed and young cells which enables to reverse the aging process of a person. Taking this therapy would regain youthful effects as it provides improvement in skin tone and complexion, reduction in wrinkles, stabilization of mental power and increase in vitality, energy levels and physical power. What’s more to it is that it has also been proven to treat a wide range of diseases. It is yet the most comprehensive and holistic approach to health-maintenance and anti-aging presently available. I can tell by the celebrities who personally patronize the said therapy. One of them is Ms. Alma Moreno, who even got to cure her sclerosis with Human Stem Cell injections. Others who are down in the list are Ogie Diaz, Carmina Villaroel, Snooky Serna, Joey Marquez, and Janice de Belen. Ms. Snooky Serna shared how Human Stemcell helped her in many ways. Now, she looks so young and fresh.


Special Thanks to Ted Claudio of WazzupPhilippines for the wonderful pictures!

Fragile yet dauntless.