Sinulog de Kabangkalang in Negros part 2

This is the part 2 installment of our day 1 in Kabankalan, Negros.

Right after a short rest at Zaycoland Resort, we headed out to catch the Long Board competition.

A longboard generally can be as short or as long as the rider desires, though the board should not be longer than the rider’s height, as that would cause loss of control. The most popular length-range is about 32 to 60 inches. (Average skateboards are 28″- 32″, with most being about 31-31.5 inches long.) Source wikipedia.


Sinulog de Kabankalan Day 1 047

We were lucky to get this 2 guys to do a couple of the contestants to do a couple of runs specially for us. Special thanks to Angelo and Kenjo.

Sinulog de Kabankalan Day 1 049

The roads around Kabankalan is a great place for long boarding as it curves around and a lot of it is downhill.

Sinulog de Kabankalan Day 1 048


Please be careful and always wearp the right protective gear. !Make sure the area is safe. And if possible go with a buddy.

After that we went to the Invitational Shootfest held in the CPSU Shooting Range. The shootfest was participated in by private individuals with the youngest at 8 years old. Wow!

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