Sizzling Plate Restaurant, Baguio City

Hungry? Looking for great food at great prices at session road? Try Sizzling plate!



As far as I can remember, Sizzling plate has been open and serving great food to the people of Baguio for at least 10 years.  I first got to eat there, where I still used to travel to baguio on a monthly basis.

Tip: try to get seats near the windows.


Here’s one of their best sellers – Sizzling Porkchop.


Sizzling Korean Beef

Sizzling Plate

I honestly forgot what this one is. Lol.

Sizzling plate, I think has 2 locations in Baguio.

Here’s a quick look at their menu:

If ever you are in baguio, do try to eat there. Prices are affordable, and food tastes great.

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