Skyjet Airlines Starts flights to Virac this April 2013

The municipality of Virac occupies the southern tip of the island province.

It has a total land area of 18,778.4 hectares. Of its total, 9,359.15 hectares or 49.84% is forestland while 9,419.25 hectares are classified as alienable and disposable.

Almost half of the area is rugged and mountainous, with topography interspersed by hills and plains dotted by marshy land and rocky jutting cliffs and crags.

The town is bounded on the east and south by the Pacific Ocean, on the north by high and green mountain ranges of San Miguel, and on the west by the gently rolling terrain and bosom-shaped hills of San Andres.

Virac has a Type II climate, it has no dry season with an average precipitation of between 2,500-3,000 mm/annually.

Virac and the whole province of Catanduanes are always battered by typhoons from July to October as it is in the middle of the typhoon belt. Because a large part of the livelihood is on agriculture, economic development has always been hampered by these weather disturbances.

The economy of Virac is sustained primarily by agriculture – the farming of rice, corn, bananas and root crops. The production of copra and abaca also provide additional income for the people. Its annual income in 1979 was a little more than P980,000.00 and the projected income for 1990 is more than a million pesos. Fishing is also an essential industry, together with mining and lumber. Lately, some home industries have been established while other sources of income are business and employment from the government and private sectors.

Virac has been singularly blessed with luck and circumstance. It is rich in material and natural resources like forest and mineral deposits. It has vast timberland’s in its reserves and minerals like coal, copper, manganese, phosphate and cement can be tapped for future commercial use. But its real wealth lies in its human resources, for its people are the most literate this side of the country.

(source – skyjet airlines website)

Skyjet Airlines is now open for online booking for Virac Flights Starting April 16, 2013 ( Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays )


Here are some of the attractions you can visit in Virac.

For those that love to swim, Virac boasts a couple of beaches that you might want to visit


Crystalline waters abound the area with natural and colorful reefs where a big number of species swarm in panorama of colors. Popular beaches around town are:

  • Mamangal Beach, located in Brgy. Balite, Virac, was developed by the local government, with pavilion and sheds for the beach goers.
  • Johnny’s Beach Resort is located in Brgy. Balite.
  • Monte Carlo Inn & Resort is located in Brgy. San Vicente in Virac.
  • Roadside Resort and Restaurant is also in Brgy. San Vicente in Virac.

Amenia Beach Resort, Erickson Resort, Balin Resort, Monte Cielo are located at Palawig

For the more adventurous, they also have caves you can visit:


Two well-known caves are:

  • Buyo cave is in Brgy. Buyo of Virac. The cave is rumored to have beautiful stalactites and stalagmites and the area is lush surrounded by small rolling hills.
  • Marilima and Talisay Caves. Little is known about these two caves

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