Smart And helps in hosting forum to help rekindle trade in visayas

Smart Communications and help.PH campaign host forum on reviving commerce and trade in Yolanda-stricken communities

Jump starting trade and commerce in disaster stricken areas is no joke. With Businesses demolished, files lost, stocks and inventories missing, this is a task not easily done.

Smart Communications through its global campaign fund drive help.PH is hosting a forum on the re-establishment of commerce and restoration of trade networks in the typhoon-stricken areas of the Visayas.

Representatives from different areas like the Philippine Disaster Recovery Foundation, Philippine Business for Social Progress, the United Nations Development Program, Supply Chain Management Association of the Philippines, Union of Local Authorities of the Philippines and the Land Bank of the Philippines join Smart in a forum with the aim to help the economy of Yolanda stricken areas.

This forum aims at tapping support from more key industry players and augmenting ongoing rehabilitation programs through a structured restoration support for local finance and market economies.

At the event, the UNDP, Landbank and Smart also formalized an agreement solidifying its Mobile Cash Transfer Program. The program is a special relief intervention mechanism that covers Yolanda-affected communities, and is a way to distribute cash electronically, to meet the cash requirements of the UNDP’s objectives.

In an earlier initiative, Smart and Land Bank partnered to open up mobile automated teller machine (ATM) stations in Tacloban City to facilitate the flow of cash and revive commerce in the typhoon-devastated city.



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