Smart Launches Smart Sat Sleeves

Last February 20, at the Makati Shangri-la, Isabela Ballroom C, Smart communication unveiled its latest solution to communication problems.

During natural disaster and calamities, the biggest problem is that the networks are down and no communications happens, now Smart unveils its additions to its Smart Sleeve arsenal that includes Android versions.

The new versions are for Iphone 5 and 5s and Samsung Galaxy S4.


Dont have a Iphone 5 or 5s or Samsung Galaxy S4? No worries, you call also purchase a Satellite Phone from Thuraya, Smart’s Partner in this endeavor.


Not using a post paid line? No worries, its available in Prepaid!
Pay for P38,500 and get a special Smart satellite SIM card with initial airtime credit load of about USD225 or around P10,000, valid for one year. Voice call using the Smart Sat service will cost around USD0.57 per minute to Smart, Su and PLDT numbers, and USD.080 per minute to other networks. IDD calls range from USD0.57 to USD5.75 depending where you are calling.

SMS will cost you USD0.23 per message. Data charge is USD0.015 for every 10kb. Calls to the customer service is free.

“The SatSleeve , which acts like an adapter, integrates GSM and satellite connectivity on your smartphone. It is suitable for personal use as it is complements the existing functions of your handsetL it synchs your contacts, email and calendar, offers wi-fi capability and doubles as a phone charger,” said Tina Mariano, head of Smart Global Access group.

Smart SatSleeve has 2440mAh battery and weighs 171 grams, the Thuraya XT is 193 grams with 2520mAh battery. Satellite speed is 60kbps download and 15kbps upload.

Smart Sat Prepaid cards are available in 35 units – P1,575, 100 units – P4,500, and 250 units – P11, 250, available in Smart stores.

Special thanks to our friend from DigitalSpidey for the pics!


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