SnR membership shopping in Shaw Blvd. Mandaluyong City


SnR recently opened a new site along Shaw Boulevard in Mandaluyong City. The location being in the old site of Cherry Foodarama.

As I mentioned, its membership shopping so you need to apply for a membership.
SNR 001

You have 2 choices:

Business Member and Gold Member

Business member – 900 php annual plus 1 free extension which will have 400 php membership fee the next year.

Plus you need to provide proof of business like DTI registration

Gold member – 700 php membership fee

You can also only bring 3 adult companions.

SNR 002

Here are 3 things you need to know:

Bring an ID when you apply – the standard legal ID’s

Be presentable. WHy? They will take your picture – hahaha

You cannot use a credit card with a different last name :

Example. You are the member. You shop with your mother in law. She decides to pay for your groceries and use her credit card.

That is not allowed. Hehehe. The card holder needs to have the same last name as the member.

By the way. Their pizza is humongous. And quite tasty. Also the cheeseburger.

SNR 006

The pizza costs about 545 php and the Cheesburger around 105 php.

Oh and by the way – it takes 24 hours to activate your membership card. SO that means they will give you a temp paper to use for your initial purchase( assuming you buy at the same day you registered.)

Want some buko? No worries! Get it fresh there too.

Although most items are imported goods. And in huge quantities.

SNR 004

Good place to shop for imported items.



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