Summer is here.. and here are some of my summer buys from Shopee

Summer is the time for out of town vacations, swimming, hiking and all the stuff you cannot do during the school season since the kids have classes..

Besides the usual, tents, sleeping backs and camping gear, here are some of the other items from Shopee that I will be adding to our summer gear as me and the boys enjoy the 2 month long summer vacation.

2 items I’m getting is technically for photography.. one is the 8X Mobile Phone Telescope, which hopefully will help in getting better zoomed in pictures with my mobile phone for only 240 php each.


The other one will be a test of the OEM of a selfie drone. Camera is 720P and flight time is 7-8 mins.. at least I can practice flying on this one. This is the cheapest one I found on Shopee.

Next is quickie tools that might be needed when you’re outdoor.. A solar powerbank with LED lights and a carabiner keychain that has a small screwdriver and knife, just in case.

Last set is for outdoor life.. a portable grilling stove and a usb powered fan, so I can keep cool.

So that’s the 1st round of things I’m adding from Shopee, what about you?





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