Superman, Man of Steel 2013

Who is this world doesn’t know about Superman? Hollywood recently made a new Superman movie ( Man of Steel)

The film is directed by Zack Snyder.


Henry Cavill as Superman

Amy Adams as Lois Lane

It seems that Hollywood has taken their cinematic hollywood rights to extreme levels for this movie adaptation.
Destroying the old Superman story line to make way for their action packed, city destroying movie.\

Just to clear it up for the new guys – the ones that only know superman because of the movie – the story line isnt right.

Yes, there is a General Zod in the original story, Yes there is a Lois Lane, but basically that is where the majority of the similarities end.

Superman doesnt kill, well we thought he killed that monster Doomsday. All in all the movie was action packed, but it does stray away for the original story line.

Well, its still fun to watch.

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