Support for Microsoft XP has ended

For those of you still running your laptops or desktops on Microsoft XP – you’re in trouble.

In case you havent heard or havent notice, support for Microsoft XP Operating system ended last April 8, 2014. After 12 years since its 1st release.

Window XP
Window XP end of support

What does that mean? Computers still using that Operating System will no longer get updates and bug fixes for everything.

It will also no longer provide technical support if you encounter any problem – that means you are on your own..what’s the best move? Migrate to one of the newer versions. I suggest at the very least the Microsoft Windows 7 platform – at the very least you will get 5 more years of support.

Here is Microsoft’s page with the FAQ’s.

By the way – support for windows office 2003 also ended on April 8, 2014.

So for all the homebased peeps out there – better upgrade as soon as possible, make sure all your data are backed up too!.


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