Tattling about “TEA TATTLE”

Me and my family went out to go spend some quality time together and why shouldn’t we since the weather was so nice a while ago; the sunlight kissed our cheeks plus it was also cool and breezy. Anyways, I just felt like sharing that since a few days ago it was the exact opposite.

Who said you need a lot of money to have fun?!

Going to the mall has a few must haves when your up for some serious window shopping and to my experience these are: something to munch on, comfortable footwear and a good drink to keep you going. So far, mine are popcorn, flat flip-flops and a soda until I came across a kiosk named “Tea Tattle”.

Tea time!

We’re all familiar with what the word tea means but tattling is a new fancy word for me. I’ve googled it and basically it means to reveal plans or ideas of another; some might say it means “to gossip”. I find the name pretty cool and catchy so I tried their product. As I checked the choices there was only one I am familiar of and know I wouldn’t, that is milk tea. I had tried it before, first was Chowking’s Nai Cha then the other one was Bubbatea’s. The first one was too strong on the tea flavor for me and the other has this unusual after taste that made me want to wipe my tongue and gargle water.

Tattler's choice milk tea
Tattler’s choice milk tea

tea galore

I picked the Tattler’s choice milk tea. It comes with black pearls and is available in two sizes; grande and plus. The prices vary according to size and mix, I wasn’t keen on it enough to say how many was there but with how every mix was named i’d say they are all worth trying. For a beginner I’d recommend getting the smaller size first and I’d say the same thing for almost all the product there is. Thinking my husband would share the drink with me, i bought the plus size; unfortunately he didn’t. But it was all good, as it turns out it is delicious. So for the entire afternoon I was sipping, munching and walking with delight. I’d really recommend the drink and give it a ten out of ten score, it was not too sweet, not too strong, not too heavy on the cream and milk and the best part is it’s one healthy drink. If you like to know more about their products you can check their facebook page https://www.facebook.com/TeaTattle and if you want to explore on the benefits of milk tea or the like, I would highly suggest that you read on this article


The benefits of milk tea per se  is still at a rising debate but one glass of milk tea is way better than any can of soda that’s full of sugar.