Tattoo Home Broadband Plans boosted with Great Entertainment

Globe Telecoms comes up with another great bundle for home broadband which is definitely a boost for everyone at home.. stays at home or even works at home.. which if you act fast should also be great for the Holy Week vacation..


Sorry for the crappy picture… I found this flier stuck to my car outside our house a couple of days ago…It’s for the new broadband plans from Globe Telecom.. You can get a new broadband connection as low as 999 for an internet only plan upto 1 mbps.. best of all you can upgrade it with any of the 3 entertainment boosts like Spotify for 129/month only, HOOQ for 199/month or 299/month for the NBA league pass.. great right?

These new plans are the consumable plans from Globe Telecom for light users… worry not.. f you need more bandwidth all you need to do is top it up with a 1 gig, 5 gig or gig allowance…these new plans DO NOT affect old plan holders like me that has the 5 mbps plan at 1599 per month…

What is HOOQ? click on the link and find out.

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