Techron Concentrate Plus by Caltex

Techron Concentrate Plus by Caltex is another ground breaking product for consumers, especially gasoline car owners…. and this product was just launched here in the Philippines recently..

What is this and how does it work..


Let’s tackle how it works first.. all you need is to do is basically pour the entire content into your gasoline tank when its nearly empty then refill after that.. each bottle you pour in costs around 450 php.. what does it do? TCP or Techron Concentrate Plus helps clean your fuel lines and protect it at the same time against sulfur build up for at least 5,000 kilometers.. cool right?


TCP is basically the big guns compared to the Techron Caltex puts in to its various fuel derivatives….

Just a reminder – this is for gasoline engines only.. any kind of of automobile that runs on gas..

Caltex will soon be coming out with a variant targeting diesel engines.


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