“The Frozen Ground”: Cindy Paulson’s true story on Serial Killer Robert Hansen

Sergeant Jack Halcombe
Sergeant Jack Halcombe

Vanessa Hudgens as Cindy Paulson

This movie is so horrifying that it’s hard to imagine someone like Robert Hansen (John Cusack) existed in this world we live in. I mean how can a guy have a decent family and do things like he did for so long. Today, Cindy Paulson (Vanessa Hudgens) is married with three kids and all of what happened was back when she just turned eighteen. I think if it was back in 1983, she must be about 45-48 years old right now. Honestly, I admire the strength that she had when she shared her story.

John Cusack as Robert Hansen
John Cusack as Robert Hansen

The true Serial Killer "Robert Hansen"
The discovery of Bob’s murders began when his recent vicitm escaped just about when he was on his way to kill her in the middle of the forest. He was an extreme avid hunter and a nymphomaniac I would say. What he does is, he abuses the girl sexually to the point that she is too weak to stand up or fight for herself. He chains them like animals with no food or water and keeps them in his den until he decides that she’s of no use to him anymore. All of these are so well-orchestrated that even if the police got them, they were still struggling so hard to find direct evidence pointing him to all the killings of the women being linked to Mr. hansen.
Sergeant Jack Halcombe (Nicolas Cage) believed Paula. He was very determined to solve the case and have Bob be convicted without bail for a life sentence. He almost came to a point of losing hope on doing this, but with a few decent men putting their faith and trust in him, they saw through. I just felt enormous amount of relief when they did. Also, when Mr. Hansen was being intruded by Sergeant Halcombe; it was unexpectd but he confessed himself. You can watch the movie to find out what happened to Bob and what Alaska discovered on their Frozen Ground.


On a personal note, I’d like to reach out to all the parents out there to safeguard your children and teach them how to be tough; enough for them to be able to recognize danger and avoid it. But, nobody can never be too careful so always make a plan if prevention doesn’t work out.

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