THE LENSMITH, prescription grade lenses on any frame



“To enhance and improve the lifestyle of

today’s active outdoorsman by providing crisp,

clear vision while keeping the wearer safe

through superior durability and ruggedness of

the Rx lens.”


All these vision problems have become the most compelling issues affecting serious outdoorsmen / women and sports enthusiasts.

Vision impairment directly affects accuracy, reaction time, and overall confidence in performing outdoor activities.

The general knowledge is that high‐curve sports sunglasses CANNOT be processed with prescription lenses.  This is what we are trying to change.







Corrective lenses refract the light coming into the eye in order to re-focus the vision onto the proper focal point.

“We provide fully customized lenses, specifically designed for you and your lifestyle.

We convert your personal sunglasses into prescription sunglasses.”

“You are basically getting a PERFORMANCE ENHANCING PRODUCT.”

“Performance Enhancing?”

  1. Your vision is corrected. You can see much further. Faster focus time and faster reaction time.
  2. Your lenses adjust to the sunlight. Darkening as the sun gets brighter.
  3. Your lenses are polarized.  No glare. Faster focus and reaction time.
  4. Your lenses are the most lightweight in the world. (Trivex)
  5. Your lenses are the most durable in the world. (Trivex)
  6. Your lenses repel water and oil. Maintaining a crisp and clear field of view.
  7. Your lenses are anti-scratch
  8. Your lenses are anti-reflection. No unwanted reflection behind the lens.
  9. Your lenses block 100% of any UV radiation providing the highest rated eye protection.

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*We post examples of Rx sunglass jobs on our Facebook page on a daily basis. You can view all sorts of sunglass shapes and sizes and their corresponding lens powers for further reference on what we can provide for you.


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