The Wolverine (2013), a review from a comics fan

The 2nd installment of the Wolverine came out this July 2013.


Hugh Jackman
Tao Okamoto
Rila Fukushima
Hiroyuki Sanada
Svetlana Khodchenkova
Brian Tee
Hal Yamanouchi
Yashida (as Haruhiko Yamanouchi)
Will Yun Lee
Ken Yamamura
Famke Janssen
Nobutaka Aoyagi
Seiji Funamoto
Shinji Ikefuji
Qyoko Kudo
Nobuaki Kakuda
Buddhist Priest



For loyal Wolverine Fanatics from the Comics, the storyline is way off in the movie. A couple of points.

1. Wolverine’s claws return to bone not because they were cut off, but because Magneto finally got fed up with Logan and removed all the adamantium in his body.

2. If I remember correctly,(correct me if I’m wrong) Logan is also an accomplished swordsman.

3. Why is it that Wolverine didnt notice that people where there a  coupled of times?Logan is supposed to be one of the best if not the best trackers in the Marvel World. How come he didnt smell the girl ( at the start )? And didnt know that his friend was the one in the armor and so forth?

Why am I bothering to write this?Hehehe. Its clear that hollywood wants to have their own version and has done it a lot of time before, even in the other X -Men Movies.

All in all, the movie is okay, with a love story twist, nice action and suspense.



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