Things on Facebook app for Androids you didnt know about

With people going mobile more and more these days, most people stay connected with their various mobile devices like android tablets, phones or IOS devices. Here are some things most people might not know regarding use of your Facebook Mobile app.

1. Chat box or group chat. Ever been in a group chat that you wanted to leave because of whatever reason? Or a group chat that someone else started and someone is spamming you or making a hassle?

Well, know you can do something about it. Leaving a conversation in a group chat has always been there, or has been there for the longest time that most people know about it already. But what you might not know is that you can now kick out a member of the group chat. Best thing of it all? The person you kicked out of the group chat wont even know, he/she will not get any notifications.


How? Open the group message- on the upper right side there is 3 square tiles…. press that and the above picture will pop out.

Then simply remove people.

2. For those using the latest version of the application, you also might not know this – swipe -just swipe to go from your feed to your messages to your notifications.


Anything else on the facebook application that you want to know about?



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