Tips for Christmas Season driving

Since its since it’s the Christmas season the traffic these very bad is very bad here are some tips that you might want to do before you get in your car by the way this post was city then line caught in traffic in EDSA.

Number 1 make sure you have enough gas in your car.

Number 2 make sure all your tires are properly inflated .

Number 3 make sure you leave wait I had of the time that you’re supposed to go to and anticipate heavy traffic.

Number 4 go to the bathroom before you leave so you don’t end up having to hold your pee in the car.

Number  5 make sure you have a big plastic disposable glass in the car just in case you need to pee.

Number 6 make sure your cell phone is fully charged so if you get stuck in traffic you can Facebook

Number 7 make sure you have at least biscuits or candies in the car .

Number 8 and no lol where you are going and plan your route accordingly

Number 9 keep a cool head . merry Christmas everyone . By the way this post was done using the voice feature of cherry mobile Omega HD  so this was a very safe post us I was using a hands-free device




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