Tips on How to Start Working at Home.

Here are some tips before you start working at home.

( these are for homebased jobs or work you can do at home or anywhere else rather than the office that are internet based.)

1. Get a decent desktop pc or laptop. Anything with a core 2 duo processor is good enough, along with at least 1 gig of ram. ( Better a laptop since it has a battery just in case you lose electricity.)

2. Internet – best one is a wired dsl subscription.  Any provider will do as long as its wired. Why? wired connections have more stability in terms of bandwidth. (PLDT, Smart, Globe and Bayantel offers DSL plans)

3. Backup internet – either have a pocket wifi or a decent android phone (most android phones can be used as a portable hotspot – just subscribe to an unlimited browsing package from smart or globe.)

4. Find your spot. I mean find your spot in your house where you can work without interruption. Most homebased jobs require silence while working. Meaning no chickens crowing or dogs barking.

5. Find your niche. Not everyone can do everything at the same time or do everything with the same skill. So choose wisely. Most common job types are the following:

a. Telemarketer

b. Virtual Assistant

c. Researcher

d. Link Builder

e. Writer

f. Proofreader

g. Web developer

Take note, I said most common. I used to work remotely for a New Jersey based company as the Business Development Manager for the company and my job was to find clients for our company.

There are a lot of websites already acting as middlemen or mediators or gateways to finding jobs. Just google online jobs or part time jobs. One of the 1st sites to do this is

Now, here are things you cant buy that you need when you want to start working at home.

1. Motivation – not like when you work in the office, you have co workers and friends just an arms length away. When you work at home, its just you in the house, your office mates or work mates might be as near as the other house or as far as the next country. Most of the time when you feel down, you need to motivate yourself.

2. Discipline. It takes a lot of self discipline to keep yourself away from your bed when you start feeling sleepy, or away from the tv when you get bored or simply away from the refrigerator when you got the munchies.

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Ron is a happily married man for more than 10 years, the father of 3 boys. Loves to write about places that he visits. And works in the BPO industry.