Top 10 PC and Android Applications I used for 2013.

In no particular order here are the Top 10 PC applications I used in 2013.

1. Essential Pim – or otherwise known as epim. Available in Free and Paid versions for IOS and PC. Email CLient with calendar and notes section.

2. Ifranview – photo editor software I use for batch rename and adding watermarks to pictures for wahpinas

3. Justgocloud – cloud based dialer I use for call center operations complete with monitoring dashboard. Everything is browser based linked to a softphone. Complete with a predictive dialer, recordings and reports.

dashboard recordings

4. X- lite -softpone for voip.

5. Faststone Image Viewer – another photoeditor software I use for picture browsing – set up like your windows explorer which makes it easier to use. Also a freeware.

6. Windows Movie Maker – Not a freeware. I use this for editing videos for uploads to and for creating short and simple AVP’s

7.  Sticky Notes- Sticky notes for your desktop that I use to keep notes of things I need handy, including Daily To Do lists.

8. Skype

9. Team Viewer – an application you can use to connect to another computer to share files, or see the other computer for quick troubleshooting.

10. Evernote – a note pad application which you can link to your desktop and sync


Top 10 Android Applications I used last 2013

1. Kingsoft – a great alternative to Microsoft Office applications for your android phones or tablets

2. Plants VS. Zombies – hehehe – its a game

3. Google Maps – I use this a lot to get around the metro especially to get to events

4. VIBER – Messaging application thats free as long as you have internet access. Go Talmon!!

5. Epub Reader – Reading app used to read ebooks

6. Speedtest – to check the speed of your internet connection

7. Evernote – a note pad application which you can link to your desktop and sync

8. Default Email app of android phones

9. Back up and Restore SMS – used to backup sms and transfer to a new phone.

10. D&D Arena – its a roleplaying game based on the Dunguens and Dragons game from Hasbro



Ron is a happily married man for more than 10 years, the father of 3 boys. Loves to write about places that he visits. And works in the BPO industry.