Touch Rugby and the NOMADS BULLETTES

Touch Rugby or Touch Football is one of the newest games in the Philippines is different from flag football.

The game is played with at least 14 players. 6 on the field and 8 substitutes.

Its goals are to score touchdowns on your goal. But absolutely no tackling and hard hits.So a player needs to avoid being touched by any mans necessary.

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A simple touch on any part of your body is ll thats needed. Just because its a touch soport doesnt mean players dont get hurt or get scrapes.

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The Birth of Touch
The sport originated in Australia in the 1980s. Primarily a training alternative drill for strategy and speed to contact players, it became a separate sport of its own.

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In the Philippines, Touch Rugby has been part of the international schools sports curriculum while local schools were more preoccupied with basketball, volleyball and football. In December 2004, one fine Saturday afternoon at the Nomad Sports Club in Merville, Paranaque, a couple of wives grew restless from simply watching their husbands play touch rugby and decided to participate in the session. The relationship began instantaneously and by January 2005, the first touch rugby session began at the Nomad Sports Club with 15 wives, girlfriends and rugby enthusiasts, everyone, except for a Kiwi and an International School student, had zero knowledge of the game. The Nomads Bullettes touch rugby team became the first non-school club team in the Philippines. With much hard work and patience, the group expanded to nearly 30 members and so began the need to compete with other like-minded teams. Through the help of the Bullettes, the University of the Philippines (UP) team was formed, now the archrival of the Bullettes on the field. Other touch teams were created from their more aggressive counterparts such as, the Alabang Angels from the contact rugby team Alabang Eagles, the Pink Dragons from the Cebu Dragons, the Maritime (MAAP) ladies from the MAAP men as well as the Police women (PNP) from the PNP men.

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