Toycon 2014

There is a lot that can be said about Toycon 2014 at the SM Mega Mall Trade Halls.  One word that comes into mind is exciting, for others the word would be THRILLING.  For the generation that actually lived the era in which the classic toys on display was in its abundance, the word would be “AWESOME”. Younger generations attending the convention are gripped even in the smallest way of the desire to be brought back to the time when these were all just beginning to explode.













The Toycon served as a time machine, much like Doc Emmet’s Dolorean which brought them back to 1955.  But unlike in the movie where traveling back to the past created serious time stream issues;  this one brought the nostalgia of the past in all its glory.


The toycon boasted of rows upon rows of booths, all displaying classic toys that only the real toy enthusiast could appreciate.  Some booths had Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors toy line, another had the M.A.S.K, Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future, and G.I. Joe sets.  One booth actually had the set of the Real Ghostbusters;  complete with the fire house and Mr. Stay Puffed Marsh Mallow Man; a set that doesn’t exactly fix the description “EASY-TO-FIND”.


For the more serious collectors there were the die-cast mecha-robots like Mazinger Z, Shin Getter Robo, the all too famous Voltes V. All of which are now costing an arm and a leg in the local market.












Growing up in the early 80’s I can tell you that this was the best time to be a kid ( no disrespect to the other generations before or after ).  All the toys were of original concept; each had their own magic to draw children like moths to a fire.  But the best part was that 90 percent of these toy lines are accompanied by their own weekend tv show.  I remember waking up early, every Saturday.  to watch Captain Power battle it out against Lord Dread in Soldiers of the Future;  or watch Matt Trakker and his M.A.S.K team foil Miles Mayhem and his V.E.N.O.M group.  I remember even singing the song when the show started.


This is the kind of magic TOYCON brings back to me and I believe to every child and child-at-heart alike.  This is the kind of excitement I felt when I first saw the entrance to the convention, the growing anticipation.  After what seemed like an eternity, yet in reality only a few seconds; I was finally inside.


Immediately my eyes darted from left to right; quickly taking in all of the toys on display.  In one corner I could see a life size model of  Rouroni Kenshin’s costume, on the next booth a life size statue of Darth Malgus. On the far right side were the Avengers; the one that caught my eye was the life sized Hulk. ( Yes, there were lots of life-sized statues there )


In less time than I knew, I had already toured the entire convention and was on my way out.  I had already taken a ton of pictures, a souvenir, and a collectors mug.  Before stepping out I turned around a surveyed the convention one last time; took one deep breath and told myself “’till next year Toycon.”


And thus my Toycon experience ended, it had been more than I expected, the toys succeeded in bringing back my fondest memories. And it managed to start within me a promise to comeback every year and attend.