Treehouse in Pusod sa Taal

I’ve been hearing about the famous Treehouse in Pusod ng Taal through friends and facebook and decided to give it a try… but when we tried to book it for Amiel’s 7th birthday…someone already beat us to the punch. So decided to go somewhere else… On the day we were leaving already.. I got a text from an unregistered number that said –  the treehouse is full, but we have nipa huts.. to make the long story short.. It was the caretaker Ka Betty from Pusod ng Taal…we decided to forget going to the beach and just go to the Pusod ng Taal… There are 3 ways to go there now.. One as posted in their facebook page if you are commuting is this:

Take Malvar exit, turn left towards Malvar town. Upon reaching the National Road at Malvar, turn right and drive towards Lipa City. Past the Lipa City sign, there will be a crossing going towards Balete town. This crossing is right by City Hardware and Levitown Market. Turn right at the crossing and go straight down towards the lake, passing University of Batangas and Corito’s Garden on your left. Once reaching Balete junction right by the lake turn left and go one more kilometer towards ESL resort. TLCC is just past the high bridge that spans the Lipute River.

N14 00.597 E121 05.652


But there is another way easier if you are taking your vehicle… just take the Balete Exit ( Lipa ) in Startoll.. once you exit turn right… then just keep on going till the end of the road.. then turn left.. Pusod ng Taal will be on the right side right after the huge metal bride.

Once you get there.. usually Ka Betty would usually be there to welcome you…reminder.. NO SMOKING on the property…the place is rustic in a sense.. 3 small huts.. 1 small eating area, 1 large wooden table under a big tree and the treehouse.. a bigger house is currently being constructed so there might be some noise…


The Nipa hut rates are 700 a day and the treehouse at 1,000 per day…we got one of the Nipa Huts.. There was just 2 families.. Us and the ones in the treehouse so the place was relatively quiet.


Once we got there.. I loved the way the place felt…its right beside the Taal Lake Conservation place. Things you can do there is Kayaking, Swimming.. Snorkeling and just plain de-stressing..


Food is allowed to be brought in but, we opted to have Ka Betty cook for us at 250/head per me.. and trust me.. it was worth it.. about 3 different kinds of viands, plus rice, plus desserts are a TREAT!!.

Good for 2 only.. look at all that food!!
Good for 2 only.. look at all that food!!

Mineral/distilled water is available at the dispenser.. but if you’re into soft drinks and the like, better bring your own cooler with ice and your supplies.

Tree Houe

Luckily, the family in the tree house had a sudden engagement the next day and they opted to leave around 9 pm, so we got the chance to sleep in the Tree house with the family, and was it a great experience… besides the view,… when we turned of the light, the fireflies were all inside the roof. The boys were ecstatic!! The last place I saw fireflies was in Palawan, in a nature reserve.. Fireflies in a place basically means that the place is relatively unpolluted.


All in all, this is definitely a place to go if you want to have a relaxing for all of you that would like to nature trip or get in touch with nature again.. this is the place to hide.



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