Unboxing the LG G3 and 1st impressions

I finally got a review unit for the Latest from LG Mobile the LG3!! Read on for the unboxing and 1st impressions.
LG G300001

The cover box comes in a metallic bronze colors which makes me think of a bronze dragon from dungeons and dragons.

LG G300002

Upon opening the box you will see the following on the sticker covering the screen of the LG G3

138.8 mm ( 5.5 inch) Quad HD

Snapdragon 801 by Qualcomm

13 M OIS+ Dual Flash

and 3000 mAh battery.

LG G300003

One of the 1st things I always look at a phone is the camera and how it performs.  So far on a single shot -it focuses fast and has very slight delay.

Another thing I look at is how fast it shoots at the burst rate.

Back Camera – 19 seconds for 99 shots at the highest resolution… not bad

What surprised me was that the front camera could also shoot 99 shoots in the burst mode and it also finished in 19 seconds – that’s a lot of selfies!!!

Now onto the body, if you look at it, it basically has the same overall features of the G2. Except it has a different finish on the body.

LG G300005

The power on button is still in the back. The volume buttons are in top and bottom of the power button.

LG G300006

The holes on the right side are for the earphone jack and the charger. The small indentation on the left is to lift of the back cover.

LG G300004

On the right side of the camera is the flash and what’s that on the left side of the camera? Its the Laser Detection AUto focus – I guess that’s why the camera on the LG 3 is quite surprisingly spectacular to say the least.

LG G300008

Another thing I noticed is that there are 2 small circles on top of the LG G3. One of them is a sub mic ( there are 2 mics – I guess thats for noise cancellation technology.) and the other one is for INFRARED. Why does it have infrared? Its the same technology you use to control household stuff  like your TV, Airconditioning… I guess you can use the LG G3 as a remote control – since I saw a tab for an app also inside.

Another I noticed is the the G3 is slightly smaller in size than the G2 – I guess one of the reasons is that the screen now actually covers the entire front display with limited bezels.



LG G300007

So whats the verdict? Based on the initial impression it lools like its a couple of notches up the G2…. Smaller, stylish , lightweight and a great camera! This is definitely a well defined phone. Value for money!!


For pre – orders – read here





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