Unboxing the My Passport AV-TV Hard Drives

Are you one of those hard working people that get home late every day from work and keep missing your favorite shows?

Well, worry no more! Western Digital to the rescue!!

With the new My Passport AV-TV Hard Drives from WD, recording and saving your favorite shows has never been easier.

Another thing you don’t need to worry about is space -with 1 Terrabyte of space in the My Passport AV-TV Hard Drives, you will most likely be able to save seasons and seasons of your favorite shows.

Here’s what it looks like unboxed.


The Passport AV-TV hard drives comes with its own mount which you can attach at the back of your tv or on the wall beside it. Or even just on the table. It also comes with its own cable connector to your TV.

Available in 2 variants – 500 gig and 1 TB

Besides having more than adequate space, the WD My Passport AV-TV hard drive s configured fo super-fast USB 3.0 connection.

Another thing about the passport is that it can record multiple streams from multiple channels or even watch a recorded show and record a new one at the same time.

“TV lovers want to enjoy their shows at a time convenient to them,” said Jim Welsh, WD executive vice president, Branded Products and Worldwide Sales. “Timeshifting, plus the popularity of global events and international sporting events, is increasing consumer demand for recordable TVs and optimized drives. Our customers want a fast and reliable solution. The high-performance My Passport AV-TV – specifically-designed for this application – is the result of their requests.”


Compatibility and Availability

For the latest list of compatible recordable TV sets and AV devices, visit www.wd.com/mypassportavtv. My Passport AV-TV will be available at select retailers and will be distributed by EA Global Supply Chain Solutions, Inc. and Iontech, Inc. Pricing for the My Passport AV-TV 500GB model #: WDBHDK5000ABK, is PhP 4,090 and the My Passport AV-TV 1TB model #: WDBHDK0010BBK, is PhP 4,990.


Note: your TV needs to be a SMART TV with recording capabilities.


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