Uni3 Gastrohub Seafood and Paluto Restaurant in Macapagal, Pasay

Look out people.. The newest restaurant and place to eat at Macapagal, Pasay for seafood dampa paluto is now open.. Uni3 Gastrohub!

Uni3 Gastrohub001

The uni3 gasropub isnt any startup wannabe dampa restauraunt.. It gets its roots from one of the oodest and best loved paluto seafood restaurants anywhere…

Patrick Lozada owner and manager wants to set up a name for his own in the restaurant business..and what a way to start..

The Uni3 Gastrohub can accomodate upto around 120 people comfortably in its spacious wifi supported area..


Uni3 Gastrohub002

Address: Unit 3 hobbies of Asia, Macapagal Blvd Pasay City

For Reservations: 917 477 1979

Launching Date: Nov. 14, 2014

Specializing in affordable freshly cooked seafood and other viands… The Uni3 Gastrohub is one surefire hit.

Sweet and sour Lapu Lapu
Sweet and sour Lapu Lapu

Average cost for Dinein with 15 pax: About P5,000..

Here is what we we ate.. Or at least some of it..

Dampa Seafood Paluto

Operations: 10AM-11-12am Sunday-to-Sunday

CraBs with buttered chili sauce
CraBs with buttered chili sauce

Enjoy friday nights with live acoustic bands while younsavor you favorite sumptious foods.

Best sellers:

Uni3 Gastrohub007
Buttered chili with oyster sauce shrimps

Buttered chili crabs

CraBs with buttered chili sauce
CraBs with buttered chili sauce

Baked tahong with cheese and garlic
Uni3 Gastrohub015

And my favorite pancit canton…
Uni3 Gastrohub013

Follow them at:
twitter | instagram: @uni3_gastrohub

Here’s a quick look at there menu… Uni3 Gastrohub also has ala carte diahes available

Uni3 Gastrohub018

Heres the other menu

Uni3 Gastrohub017

Uni3 Gastrohub also accepts reservations for parties and catering.


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