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Mr. Tomoo Hozumi with Ms. Daphne Osena Paez

UNICEF has long been known  for  its  innumerable projects  and outreach  programs that intends to  seek  the  refuge  of  children  in  need and secure basic  rights  any  child  should have such as:  food,  shelter, safety, education and  everything  that  creates  an environment conducive to  optimal  growth and development. I, as an ordinary  citizen  had meek  knowledge  and empathy to  what UNICEF does prior to my  engagement with  UN bloggers advocate group. Back then,  I only  knew that  they’re the  most  famous agency  of the United Nations and that  they’re all about  children, everything  else for  me was  a bit  of  a blur. So when I  got  the news that I’ll be writing for  UNICEF I  really didn’t know  what to expect  but  there was a bit  of  excitement since now I’ll be able  to personally know  the  agency  and one among the many  projects  they  have.

Supervised Neighborhood Play  Program
Supervised Neighborhood Play Program

The program  began with  a keynote coming from  Tomoo Hozumi, country  representative for  UNICEF Philippines. His message was very  clear even though  there was some  challenge on the accent. He wants everybody  to understand the importance of play  and social  interaction among children especially during the ages of 3-5 years old since this is  a stage where the mind of the child is  like a bottomless glass of water. Quoting from  UNICEF’s stand about  child play : “Playing, both structured and unstructured, lays the foundation for  a child’s development of future learning and life skills. It helps children develop their knowledge, experience, curiosity and confidence; develop  language skills, thinking, planning, organizing and decision-making.”. I  can actually attest to this statement  since I , myself can still  recall some of my childhood memories back  when I  was about 4 or 5 like I’m  just  watching a video  of my past in  high  definition.  I  can still  remember where I  go  on  a humid afternoon after a heavy  lunch or  where I  eat puto bumbong after me and my grandmother go to church even more, the brand of the  boxed color-coated chocolates that my  uncle  gives me whenever he comes to visit and back then we didn’t have MnMs yet in the province. As a young student, I started learning language thru songs I  sing when playing with  classmates; I  learned Math thru pretend play  of  a grocery store, restaurant and hide n’ seek  and I  learned to  be a leader when I stood up  for  something I  believe is  right amongst  my  playmates  who  do  something wrong and offending.

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Come to think of it, even us  adults learn more  if any  lesson is  learned with  fun  and interaction. Smiles and laughter gives us this  wonderful  feeling of happiness which lets  our  body  produce hormones that  enhances our memory, boosts  immunity  and gives us  a total sense of well-being. If we experience all of  these as adults, what  more  to a child  of 3-5  years old who’s mind is catalyzed and body built on  play.  I strongly believe that  education  begins even  before a child enters school  and that the  home and its vicinity plays  a very important role on laying the foundation for  the hunger of knowledge . What  better  way  of  me to  further introduce this  project  than to let you  see for  yourself. Please watch  and be enlightened.




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