Unlimited Barbecue with FREE Order all you can at Leehak

Leehak Restaurant is in Pioneer Ave, Pioneer center Mandaluyong City. I’ve been to Leehak a couple of times before, and even before they started offering Japanese cuisine. And now, when I went back again for a family dinner for my son Aaron’s birthday, we were surprised about their new promo… Unlimited Barbeque with Order all you can!! Cool right?

The minimum no. of persons to avail of the promo is 2.. then it will be charged per head.. here is what you can order..


You can order any of the 4 sets above – for example you order set A which is 499 per person. that means you will be initially charged 2 499 meals in the bill. From there you can order all you can from this menu in addition to the Set A that you will get.. You need to be in sets of 2 per order of the sets..


See –  even the sushi is included! Here is what you get free also for each of the sets that you will choose.


Any of these dishes can be refilled anytime –  just request your server. Just remember that there is a 500 php charge for leftovers per person.. Just make sure you can finish everything..

Just to be clear on the leftover policy..

Leftovers are considered when:

appetizers are not included

Main Dishes are the only ones considered when deciding on left overs.

Chicken Teriyaki – You eat the chicken but not the sidings –  that is okay..

Curry with rice –  you eat the viand but not the rice – that is considered leftover.

Here are some shots of the other sets you can order..



Here is a look of the Set A



The stove you cook at is powered by a small butane tank with charcoal on top – the butane gas is used to fire up the charcoal – then the rest of the cooking is done there.


Here are some of the shots I took of the food we were served –  you can order both from the Korean and Japanese Menu.
Total number of people that the 2nd floor can accommodate? roughly about 250 pax.. plus another 30-40 in the VIP rooms.
Here’s a look at the VIP room.
They even have a teppanyaki area.. cool right?
Leehak Legendary Korean and Japanese Restaurant opened its doors last November 2013 and has been consistently serving its clients since. It is open from 11am to 11pm Sundays to Mondays..
It can easily be found right beside Jollibee..
Here are the contact details…
02 5843279
+63 9178579896
All the shots here were captured using my Kata I3s Mobile phone.
So what are you waiting for? Drop on by!!..


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