Unlimited Calls to all Globe Subscribers with Tattoo Home

Why pay for the minute calls to mobiles from your landline, when you can have unlimited calls?

Want to talk to over 40 Million other people? Get theTattoo Home Broadband Bundle

Why do people shift brands or services, its always because you can get more for less in the other side.

This is me speaking personally based on my experience.. I used to have something around a 1300 php subscription and that subscription has been ongoing for at least 10 years. Why did I shift? FOr the price I was paying, I was getting less that 1mbps – about 768 kbps speed and a landline.

I learned about the new Tattoo Home broadband bundle thru a friend and this is what I get for 1,599 per month.

1. upto 5 mbps internet – you can check my facebook posts of the speeds that I get everyday.

2. I get a landline.

3. The most important bonus which I didnt get from my last subscription is that I get unlimited calls to all GLOBE and TM subscribers. My wife, me and son all have globe numbers. My children usually call me at odd hours  of the day at my phone and the unlimited calls saves me a ton of money in terms of calls, and also most of my friends and clients are using globe.

4. Free wifi router

That’s why I decided to shift.

               “Tattoo always prioritizes what is important for every household – that is, keeping family members connected to each other. By giving our customers this type of service, all members of the family can keep each other updated without worry of an expensive phone bill. Coupled with our upgraded Fibre-Fast Tattoo Home broadband bundles, our customers can enjoy faster internet speeds with free landline to mobile calls at a more affordable price,” shares Globe Vice President for Tattoo Home Broadband Business Jurist Gamban.

Get your very own Tatto Home Broadband Bundle and call over 40 million Globe and TM Mobile subscribers for free

Other Tattoo Home Broadband bundles are also available starting at Plan 1099 at 2 Mbps, Plan 1299 at 3 Mbps, and Plan 2499 at 7 Mbps

To know more about Tattoo Home Broadband’s plans and its coverage in your area, log on to tattoo.globe.com.ph, call (02) 730-1010, visit the nearest Globe store or get in touch with authorized Globe Sales Agents.


Ron is a happily married man for more than 10 years, the father of 3 boys. Loves to write about places that he visits. And works in the BPO industry.