Useful applications for your android phone

Useful applications for your android phone.

With the tremendous growth in the Android phone market, more and more people are shifting to phones or tablets with the Android OS.

Here are some applications we found very useful.

Kingsoft Office – great application for your phone is you use Microsoft Documents all the time.

SMS backup and restore – with people changing phones every 6 months or 1 year, not being able to transfer your messages from one phone to another if bothersome, this app exports all you messages and helps you transfer it to your new phone.

Aviary -is a photo application that helps you edit photos on your mobile phone. A great tool for bloggers like me who are always on the go. You can put text watermarks on your pictures, so you can publish articles whenever you are.

All in one toolbox – help you manage everything on your phone. Cleans up useless files. Kills apps and a lot more.

Moai FLV player – great app for watching flv files.

Evernote  – notepad that syncs automatically everytime you are connected to the web – makes note taking easier to sync with your pc. You can even take pictures and tag it into specific notes.

All of these applications are availble in


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