Viber 4.1 launched in the Philippines with Viber Out and new Stickers. Viber me?

What is Viber? Viber is an instant messaging application that is available in Android, IOS and Desktop versions with the desktop also having a video call feature.

Who is Viber? Well, to Filipinos , they are the ones that offered free call outs  to anywhere in the world, so that Filipinos could get in touch with their relatives not just in the Philippines but also anywhere around the globe during the recent aftermath of the Yolanda | Haiyan storm for FREE. This was done in partnership with Telecom Austria, Telecom New Zealand, Hutchison, Bharti Airtel, Telecom Italia, Citic, Netvision Cellcom, Mada Communication and Omantel. And also Globe Telecoms so that users worldwide could call the Philippines for Free.


Talmon Marco and Country Manager Crystal Lee

With the launch of 4.1 version, Viber officially introduces 2 things. Viber Call Out which you can use when you purchase credit thru Apple App Store, Playstore for Android or Paypal via desktops.

Is it possible to get call out numbers? Like a US number that friends or relatives in the US to call in using regular phones? Yes. When is it available? As soon as there is demand for it. The infrastructure is already set.

Right now, Viber out calls are on a per minute basis, but they are already planning to have unlimited calling plans to specific countries which will be announced sometime in 2014.

Why is the app and the company named Viber? Well, after lots and lots of names considered, one of their guys in the graphics design department suggested the since he already owned the url. After thinking about it, they decided to use it. So how much did they pay? It’s in the 5 figures in US dollars.


Did you know that Viber uses significantly low bandwidth for its calls? Anywhere between 8 – 40kbps.

And did you know that Viber has about 50 different partners for termination for its Viber out service which provides better rates for their customers.
Viber Out is only for call outs and does not offer SMS to other networks.

The Corporate headquarters is located in Cyprus and currently setting up a new office in the U.K. with a total of about 130 employees worldwide.

Viber celebrates 2 things this December, It’s 3rd year anniversary and its 8 Million Filipino Viber Users.

And the reason its Purple? Well it looks better than the 1st color they tried with -Orange. And it stands out better.

Note to all the females out there. Sorry, Talmon Marco, the CEO is already married.

Talmon graduated Cum Laude from Tel Aviv University with a degree in Computer Science and Management. His reason for setting up Viber? Well, its to keep people connected and currently has more than 200 millions users since its start in December 10. And did you know they started with only 15 friends to use the app?


Gogogo VIBER! It was a great Meet and Greet and Launch!

For more info – visit their website



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