VOIP Calling Plans

With all the advances in technology nowadays, calling around the world have become very easy and affordable. Here are a couple that we have used extensively in the past.

Skype – offers unlimited calling plans to a lot of countries around the world. It offers unlimited calling to the USA for both landlines and mobile phones.( unlimited in the sense that you do not exceed 10,000 minutes per month or call 50 different numbers per day.)

Skype also offers online numbers which you can subscribe for a fee, so that people from the country you subscribed to can call you back. It even offers numbers per state in the US.

Yahoo Messenger – YM also offers calls to countries, but no unlimited calling plans.

Magicjack – As far as we know – magicjack only has unlimited calls to the US and also includes an online number. Check the fine print with magicjack. As far as we know they already have a limit to the calls you can make. One drawback of the earlier version is that you need to attach the magicjack to a PC.

* Magicjack plus – no need for a PC anymore – just plug in to your router and attach your phone.

GoAutodial – is a voip provider that has 2 options – a public and a private option. Try it now – the public option provides free 120 mins for a test. They also offer A-Z calling options.


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