Wakeskating at the ultimate venue, Eighth Wonder of the World!

What is Wakeskating?

Wakeskating is a water sport and an adaptation of wakeboarding that employs a similar design of board manufactured from maple or from fibreglass. Unlike wakeboarding, the rider is not bound to the board in any way, which gives the sport its own unique challenges. Instead, the top surface of the board is covered with griptape, (in a similar fashion to a skateboard) or a soft, high-traction, foam, usually referred to as EVA foam, covering that is kinder to riders in the inevitable crashes and also allows a rider to ride barefoot. (source Wikipedia)

Brian Grubb - Action

If you follow wakeskating, then the name Brian Grubb from the USa and Dominik Preisner from Germany should be very familiar to you.

Last October 24, 2013 Professional wakeskaters Brian Grubb (USA) and Dominik Preisner (GER) came to the Philippines to visit the Eighth Wonder of the World The world famous Banaue rice terraces of the Philippines for the ultimate wakeskate winch session!

Brian Grubb - Action

Even for one of the world’s best wakeskate pros like Brian Grubb this spot proved to be a real challenge: “This was my seventh trip to the Philippines, and my biggest project ever! Since I first saw the drawing of these huge rice terraces on the back of the 1000 Peso bill, the idea of having a session there wouldn’t let me go. It was only a drawing but it looked like a perfect winch spot and probably a super scenic location. And it was! The whole project was a real adventure for us and the team. It is still incredible that we were wakeskating at such a fascinating place!”

Brian Grubb - Action
The spot covered four pools with a total length of 80 meters. To keep the scenery’s natural look, the setup was kept as simple as possible: the only man-made obstacles being a wooden log slider and the custom winch setup. Both riders had a blast performing a whole bunch of tricks, such as Brian´s stylish FS and BS Lipslide Shuvit Outs.

Brian Grubb - Action
Respect for the environment was a priority from the beginning of this project! The team made certain that the plants and wildlife were neither damaged nor disturbed at any time during the event. All aspects were agreed with the locals, taking into consideration their traditions and culture.

Brian Grubb - Lifestyle
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