WD’s “My Cloud” , the very first Personal Cloud Storage at home

With the dawn of the digital world and its fast-paced innovations measured by the millisecond comes the highest demand for the greatest resource man could ever find today; and that is reliable data storage. Now, it’s impossible to come across a home without at least one person who has a gadget with pictures, videos and other files. Every year there is a new version of an iPhone, iPad, camera, laptop, tablet, hybrids and a lot more. These developments continuously challenge how we safe keep our precious data from corruption, hacking and fraudulent use of others. To specify from research, Gartnet estimates that the average household will own  approximately 3.3 terabytes (TB) of digital content by  2016. The convergence of rapid content and device growth requires a new storage paradigm that gives consumers complete control over their digital lives.

I could not emphasize it more that we really need the most reliable data storage we can ever get these times. But, how about security, convenience and accessibility. These are all factors that a consumer looks for and  companies should work on. Actually, the unbelievable news is; it’s already available in the market.

Last January 23, 2014; I joined the media launch of Western Digital’s “My Cloud” that was held at the OZ bar on the roof deck of Holiday Inn Suites in Makati City as one of the Online Media contributors. It was eye-opening and exciting since what they’re trying to bring about to public is something that’s a first and a soon-to-be necessity for every home there is.

I remember back in high school when we still keep our files in either floppy or hard disk, when data was treasured by  the KiloByte and when how risky it is to not have 2 or 3 copies spare since diskettes are almost always corrupted when we try to have it printed. Those days are now gone and forgotten especially with the  innovations brought upon by great companies such as‘Western Digital”. 

Simon Whitford, Senior Regional Marketing Manager APAC at WD, a Western Digital company.
Simon Whitford,
Senior Regional Marketing Manager APAC at WD, a Western Digital company.

Western Digital Corp. (NASDAQ: WDC), Irvine, Calif., is a global provider of products and services that  empower people to create, manage, experience and preserve digital content. Its companies design and manufacture storage devices, networking equipment and home entertainment products under the WD, HGST and G-Technology  brands.

Executive Vice President and General Manager of WD, Jim welsh  did say that: “Everyone is inundated with thousands of digital files scattered across multiple computers and mobile devices and controlling that chaos is a challenge. WD’s personal cloud is the easiest, most secure and most affordable way for consumers to control that chaos, with access to all of their files anywhere and anytime.”

WD’s software auto detects the drive to make setup simple for novice users. Once the WD My Cloud drive is set up, customers can easily connect their computers and mobile devices with free desktop and mobile apps. With a Gigabit Ethernet connection and Dual-core processor, transferring files is blazing fast, allowing customers to quickly centralize all of the  digital content scattered across various devices onto WD My cloud. With direct file uploads from mobile devices, important files and videos can be safely moved to  WD My Cloud freeing up valuable space on user’s tablets and smartphones. Additionally, the WD Mycloud mobile app integrates major public cloud services so that customers can easily transfer files between their Dropbox, Skydrive and Google Drive public cloud accounts.

WD My Cloud is available at select retailers and distributed by EA Global and Iontech Inc. Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price on WD My Cloud is

  1. 4 TB My Cloud= Php 11,490.00
  2. 3 TB My Cloud = Php 8,990.00
  3. 2 TB My Cloud = Php 7,490.00

These drives are compatible with  Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, OS X Mountain Lion, Lion, Snow Leopard as well as DLNA/UPnP enabled devices.

So guys, do learn more about this personal cloud storage by visiting WDC.com, the soonest you get one, the faster you’ll feel how life can be easy with one click, one swipe and one CLOUD.

Amy Tan  Senior Manager, South Asia PAC at Western Digital.
Amy Tan
Senior Manager, South Asia PAC at Western Digital.
Finally , A cloud of your own
Finally , A cloud of your own