“We’re The Millers”

Yeah Right!!!! Millers?!?!?! C'mon WTF!!!!

I personally thought that “We’re The Millers” would be a clean comedy film and I would rate it a “G”; It’s named after a family anyway. It turns out that movies nowadays have a different way of making people laugh. Don’t get me wrong, as an adult I understand its humor and I had lots of laugh watching the movie; but for an under-experienced young person it could be misleading.
It’s hilarious, but I’d have to recommend it for an audience of 18 and up. The conversations had so much of adult words as I call it, and it can make a lot of young people’s faces turn blank just by watching the extent of liberty the director took on making this motion picture.

The focus of this movie was on someone named David Clark who have been and still is dealing pot since college.images (6)

Everything was A-ok, until one night he tried to help a teenage boy named Kenny save a girl on the streets being bullied by punks. Kenny, being so naive, told the guys that David was a drug dealer. Suddenly, the punks had an epiphany on the amount of cold cash and the enormous stash of weed they could get from him; and so they did. Unfortunately for David, most of the money he has wasn’t his. So, he got broke and had a large debt from Brad Gurdlinger.

They're not drug dealers, they're smugglers.... There's a difference. Deal with it!!!!!!
They’re not drug dealers, they’re smugglers…. There’s a difference. Deal with it!!!!!!

How he became a Miller is the hit of this film. To pay back his debt he should deliver high-end drugs from Mexico to the U.S., which he thought would be just a smidge but actually is a full RV of it. Instead of going alone, he thought it’d be safer to go with a pretend family called “The Millers”. Jennifer Anniston as Rose Miller, Emma Roberts as Casey, Will Poulter as Kenny and Jason Sudeikis as David himself. They totally transformed into The “Brady Bunch” of 2013, great job on the makeover.

What?!?!?! WE? Drugs? NO?!?!?!?!

Along the way of getting the ultimate goal done, they encounter challenges that apparently a normal family would. They discovered each other’s individuality and in the process not realize they’re falling in love with the family they supposedly created for the sake of money.
Brad told him to say that he is delivering drugs for some Pablo guy which happen to be a powerful drug lord in Mexico and “is not Brad”. So to top the trouble their in by smuggling drugs, they are also in triple danger by being chased and threatened by the true Pablo who wants his drugs back. Amazing, but they got thru. I’m not going to throw away the ending just that but I assure you that you’ll still find yourself laughing till the very end.

She's sexy and she knows it!!!!!

Hey guys!!!! Jen was unbelievably hot as well so when you see them almost caught by the actual Pablo, better lock your eyes to the screen!!!

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