Why choose Smart? Coz even Celebs want the new new iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c from Smart!

The iphone 5c and 5s is one of the most awaited smartphones of the year. So it doesnt surprise me that even celebs wanted to have the latest smartphone powered by smart.!

“The new iPhone 5s and 5c are such crowd-drawers because of their innovative features and the diverse characters and lifestyles they represent – from the savvy businessman to the hip and cool student,” said Kathy Carag, Smart Postpaid head.

With people getting more and more connected, having the fastest network is important. And no one is faster than SMART.

“Aside from offering many affordable plans that make the new iPhones available to many, Smart, through its widest LTE coverage in the country, also delivers the fast and reliable network performance that the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c need to maximize their use. Smart is simply the smart choice for these new iPhones,” Carag said.

Celebs, even with their hectic scheduled went as far as to pick up their units personally from Smart Stores.

Rapper and actor Elmo Magalona gets his iPhone 5s from the Smart store

Rapper and actor Elmo Magalona went to the Smart store in Rockwell to pick up his spanking new iPhone 5s.

“I’ve always liked the portability of iPhone and its user-friendliness,” said Magalona, who admitted to be a heavy user of Twitter, Instagram, Snapseed and other photo apps during downtime in recording sessions and taping for shows.

“I got my unit at Smart because its LTE delivers. It’s just efficient. Now that I have my new iPhone, my old one’s going to my sister.”

Even cager, DLSU Green Archer Thomas Torres was among the first to get his brand new iPhone5s at the Smart store in Robinson’s Magnolia.

DLSU Green Archer Thomas Torres gets his new iPhone at the Smart store

“I’ve always been an Apple fan so I’m among those who just couldn’t wait to use the new iPhone,” said Torres, who also considers himself a heavy user of social apps.


Not to be left behind, the coolest guys on the airwaves, Boys Night Out DJs Sam YG and Tony Toni, also headed to the Smart store on the first day the new iPhones became available.

Boys Night Out DJs Sam YG and Tony Toni with Smart Postpaid head Kathy Carag

“We go around the country a lot to tour, and that’s when we appreciate Smart’s widest network coverage,” said Sam YG. “With Smart, I don’t have to worry about connection anywhere I go.”

“Even if you have the best smartphone, you have no use for it if you’re not on a reliable network,” shared Tony Toni. “With Smart, the iPhone functions like a smartphone as it should.”
Whether you’re a celeb, office worker, or just a plain housewife, the best way to go is with Smart for your Iphone 5c and 5 S!

For more information on Smart’s complete suite of iPhone offers, visit smart.com.ph/iPhone. To subscribe to Smart’s iPhone Plans, apply now at the nearest Smart Store or visit store.smart.com.ph.

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