Windows Antivirus Care VIRUS

Theres a new virus in town and it calls itself Windows Antivirus Care. Be careful. It usually pops up as a screen when you’re using mozilla or IE and scans your computer and scares you with fake infected items in your PC.


It will ask you to download and set it up. Be careful. Once installed, you wont find it in your programs folder to uninstall it. It will also automatically turn off your current anti – virus programs and firewalls and hijack all control of your PC.


It will keep on sending pop ups scaring you that your pc is infected with a lot of viruses and ask you the buy the full program online.


It will also prevent you from reactivating your antivirus programs along with your firewall.

It seems that its a very new kind of virus as when I searched the internet, most of the blogs on how to remove it was just a couple of hours old. Another thing is that most of the blogs will tell you how to remove it by downloading various kinds of programs to remove it.

Well, I’m no techie, but all I did was restore my pc to an earlier point ant everything was fixed. (though, I’m not a 100% sure about it, but so far everything works again, including my firewall and antivirus programs.)

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