Wine Pairing with Le Cellier and Cafe Curieux

If you know the French, one thing they take seriously is Wine.. and wine is usually taken withe cheese and cold cuts!

Recently, Le Cellier one of the leader french wine importers in the Philippines partnered with Cafe Curieux to bring on another wine pairing and foods tasting event done in Makati City..


This was not the 1st wine pairing event done by Le Cellier and neither was this the 1st done in Cafe Curieux..

Here is what was served during the event…


Different selections of wines from Le Cellier was served along with the cold cuts and cheeses platter.. which was more than enough to fill me up.. and trust me –  for those that say that you cant get drunk on wine.. you’ve got another thing coming… lol!

Le Cafe Curieux is no stranger to the French or even wines –  just look at the name!!

Trust me when I say.. Dining at Le Cafe Curieux is an experience you will want to enjoy and repeat over and over…

Le Cafe Curieux
G/F Bel-Air Soho Building
Badajos Street (in between Polaris and Burgos Sts.)
Makati City
Tel. 0927 898 1151

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To order wines and corporate giveaways:
Le Cellier French Wine Selection
Tel. (02) 897 1840

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