Withdraw your Paypal Funds to your GCASH account – FAST!

Being a Freelancer and working at home, one of the biggest concerns is on how to get paid.. and we have covered that in our blog in so many ways already.. and here is another one.

GCASH, recently announced that you can already withdraw your Paypal funds to your GCASH account… that means, you can use it fast to pay bills or even withdraw the cash from any atm machine once you have the GCASH Mastercard.

The guarantee of GCASH is that it should be in your account within 24 hrs.. to test it out… we tried it ourselves.. Watch the video below to see how fast it took for my Paypal funds to be transferred to my GCASH account.

It’s fast right… and to cap it off.. NO TRANSACTION FEES!!!!

Test it out for yourselves..


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