Work at Home Seminar: Insights by Dialyn Roque.

Hi guys! I know you are very much  excited to read more about this seminar I attended last November 30, 2013. You must have came across some of its promotional posters in your Facebook accounts or probably heard about it thru friends, family or the radio. Well if you wanna see it again, here it is.

Work at Home Seminar flagship poster
Work at Home Seminar flagship poster

In this seminar we discussed what are the types of jobs you could do at home versus what are those that the speakers will talk about per their expertise. The speakers are varied and live up to their being “experts” since most of them have been doing their craft for more than ten years already, from what I’ve listened to Ms. Irene Enriquez of Girly Geek PH has been in line with being a Freelance writer at home for four years to date. Here are the speakers of the said event:


-Mr. Azrael Coladilla, a ProBlogger for 10 years and counting


If we review the history of all great innovations one by one we can ultimately give credit of it’s success not to the inventor but actually somebody, some  company, some brand or anything which  comes after the invention and makes the discovery available for the masses. For example, I don’t know who invented the first car, but I know which company made it possible to manufacture the most efficient by operating with a now known as an “Assembly Line” popular in factories. This same company was able to make the cars available to almost everybody making the idea of a car more of a necessity than it used to be seen as a luxury for the elite society.

I perfectly understand especially since the assembly line thought of manufacturing cuts the cost of operations by increasing the “N” (number of cars made) X per unit of time in the ops. For car enthusiasts, historians, avid fans of History Channel, discovery and the like; I know you have an idea which I am referring to and that is none other than “Ford Motors Company”, founded by Henry Ford himself back in 1903 says Wikipedia. Now it is a public company comprised of board members and shareholders and is still on the rise of being the top automotive company in the U.S.A.

How is it related to working at home has a lot to do with the advent of both computers and internet connection to the very home of every family. It’s initial purpose was to serve as a resource of education and entertainment but with the increase in number of internet users and the progressive development of online efficiency, the technology appears to be an unstoppable force more than ever before. One very good example is the exponential growth of online shops which brings convenience to fashion frenzies who don’t have time to go to boutiques and try out everything that they see. For me personally, I was amazed with the urgency and the power to publish my own words in the world wide web in just one click. From what I know, writers need to pitch their work first and prove their talents before they can be considered for a print media post. Amazingly, nowadays, your judge is not just a few brow-raising, political conventionalists. Today, your audience is basically anybody who has a smartphone, computer, laptop, tablet, television and radio or if not, somebody who knows someone who has; and that’s every single person out there.

Anyway, going back to the seminar, the first person to do a talk was Mr. Rafael Pekson II, Chief Marketing Officer at GoAutoDial Inc. and owner of I have to be honest, he was my favorite speaker that day. He explained things through in a way that was not too technical and he did in the most organized way it could possibly be. |I am going to share what I learned from the way I understood it and here it goes:
I am a practical, passionate, creative, protective & honest business professional. I love my kids, people, movies, TV, travel, food, LIFE!
“I am a practical, passionate, creative, protective & honest business professional. I love my kids, people, movies, TV, travel, food, LIFE!”- Rafael Pekson II
  1. Who am I?- Identify your personality adjectives. From what I learned, if your going to use the internet and social media for working at home or in any business pursuit; you need to plan how you would introduce yourself. You need to clearly outline at least five personality adjectives that you can live up to and be consistent with. This helps you build up your credibility and will in turn help you find more opportunities that you could take leverage on.
  2. Realize that there are two existing world:


“You must be the same person in the real world as you are in the virtual world. Otherwise, people will get confused, question you and start to distrust you”—Rafael Pekson II

“Keep calm and fix your online account today”- Rafael Pekson II (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Flickr, Pinterest and a lot more.

3. Social Media applications are very powerful. These help you share relevant information, exchange meaningful conversations and helps build up your own Social Network.

“People from all around the world will find you thru social media”_RRP II

“Social Media is the largest cocktail party in the world”- RRP II

“It is very important to not surprise your Social Network, Be Consistent and Expected”- RRP II

“A per Peter Drucker, The purpose of business is to create customers, if you try to incorporate the idealism of the Pareto Principle; you can make your customers create customers for you” -RRPII

Here is some information for

The distribution is claimed to appear in several different aspects relevant to entrepreneurs and business managers. For example:

Therefore, many businesses have an easy access to dramatic improvements in profitability by focusing on the most effective areas and eliminating, ignoring, automating, delegating or retraining the rest, as appropriate.

4. Evolving Blogger: As per Mr. Pekson, the blogging arena is where the stranger wall goes down. The person gets to know who you are in your words. This helps you market yourself so you can sell whatever it is that your selling. He has a lot of very useful advice and testimonials that a lot of existing and aspiring work-at-home people would take interest on reading. One that topped my list of must-reads is: “10 Tips to Blogging – A Personal Experience”. 

In summary, if you guys intend to work at home and take leverage on your computer, the internet and the social media to promote your business, provide service or whatnot; these are the grassroots and the basic principles that will guide from start and moving forward.

*****I find it too overwhelming to write about other speakers’ talks on this same article, so watch out for my next ones for the other topics wherein I will itemize the FAQS that all of you guys are anticipating to read about.