World Food Program: How Social Media can help eradicate hunger.

WFP in  the Philippines' setting
WFP in the Philippines’ setting

My posts  about  UNDP and FAO  are very  informative, it took  me a long while to  figure out  how  I am  going to  give justice  to  what  World Food Program is all  about. This is  just  because when I  joined the bloggers’ advocate rounds of  discussions, not to  be biased but  I think Mr. Praveen Agrawal expressed the most conviction about  his passion  on  the UN agency  he represents here in the Philippines. As he would  explain  it, WFP  began  as a branched department working side-by-side with  FAO. Since the complexity  of  FAO  and the increased success of  WFP in  addressing a focal issue, the latter  began  growing and is in  the process of being a separate agency  on its own.  These two  though  have one topmost goal among  the MDG 2015 and that is to “Eradicate Extreme Poverty  and Hunger”


Country  Director WFP Philippines, Mr. Praveen Agrawal

We began by  Mr. Agrawal asking us  who we are  and what  we write about. The writers came across different lines o f expertise: broadcast, entrepreneurship, advocacy,  SEO, marketing and many others. Right after, he expressed his  thoughts  on how  each  and every  one of us in that very  room is  relevant and common to  the topic  we are to talk  about. I  for one as a writer for has  the responsibility  of  making home-bound workers know  how  they  could  help children, mothers moreover families  who are experiencing acute  and chronic hunger. I know my  readers have inquisitive minds and that  you  are curious  about what’s the difference between these two. According to :








“Acute hunger or starvation are  situations that  result from high profile crises like war or natural disasters, which starve a population of food. Yet emergencies account for less than eight percent of hunger’s victims. Daily undernourishment is a less visible form of hunger.”

“The body compensates for the lack of energy by slowing down its physical and mental activities. A hungry mind cannot concentrate, a hungry body does not take initiative, a hungry child loses all desire to play and study.”

“Hunger also weakens the immune system. Deprived of the right nutrition, hungry children are especially vulnerable and become too weak to fight off disease and may die from common infections like measles and diarrhoea. Each year, almost 7 million children die before reaching the age of five; malnutrition is a key factor is over a third of these deaths (source: Levels and Trends in Child Mortality, IGME, 2012)”




We were shown a picture of brain  scans so  that  we can  see and compare the alarming difference of  a child who is  fully nourished from  that  of  someone who is suffering from  chronic  hunger. If  you  can remember back  in  anatomy  and physiology, neurons or the brain cells have the longest  regeneration period once damaged; so long, it  can be more than a lifetime. With that  being said, I know  all my  readers would  agree how  paramount generation of  these “brain cells” are.  This  phenomenon  starts  upon  conception of  a baby in  the mother’s womb and at that  time  the mother’s nutritional  needs  directly contributes to  a baby’s  building blocks. When a  baby  starts to live outside, milk; be it natural  or  formula is  their best  food. No wonder, because it  has been documented to  be the perfect  food actually, but I  would like  to  emphasize on the abundance and importance of  protein, calcium  and fats in milk.





“Nerve cells are metabolically very active, and hence are involved in large amounts of protein synthesis.” The brain cells are structurally formed like cable wires, wrapped around by  sheaths of fat as insulators (transmissions are slower and weaker if thin). Protein is  their core content to  function and Calcium is  one of  the many micro nutrients involved in  the actual  transmission  and relays  occurring at the atomic levelWith this  as a given fact, it is understandable how fundamental this  form  of  nutrition is  to any  kid.  I  did  highlight  “Milk”  because in  the Philippines’ setting most  impoverished families would opt to  “ahm” as a source  of  nutrition  for  their babies. Or if not, would halt milk  supplementation  after age one year and just  be content in  making kids eat whatever is served for  adults. I  for one was told, when  my now 2-year old baby  was just  a few months old to  give her “ahm” because it strengthens the bone. I know it is a rich  source of carbohydrates, B-complex and other vitamins and would be very  helpful in  introducing solids to my baby but not as a sole source of  nutrition. Good thing I  knew better, but  I  feel  sad for  the mothers who have been misinformed and are helpless because of  culture or finances. 





Mr. Praveen Agrawal was very  much  passionate on  how we, as a member of  social media  are going to  be a key  factor on alarming the public and making them informed of  what  is  happening so  that  Society  can be catalyzed about their capacity  to  contribute  on  this growing not only health but of a social  issue that  is affecting the very  lives of our own citizen, moreover us as a country. Again the impact is directed to our  youth who  should be given the chance to  be their  fullest  potential, I  hope this  raises a question  on all of  our  minds of “What  can I  do to help?” In  this  post I  have included one video  on how  WFP  has been helping the country all throughout as  a UN agency.


I  would like to  take this  opportunity to  formally  advocate  WFP’s campaign on  eradicating hunger locally by  providing school  meals. Take the opportunity to  enjoy  an event and help as well by  joining:




For more information on  how you  could be an advocate in your  own  special way,  please do not hesitate  to  visit the following sites. As for me, I  strongly believe that  the least  anybody  could do to help is to be informed, since one person who knows can have one healthy  family and help  build one healthy  nation………….finally, ONE HEALTHY  WORLD!!!!!!!!

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