Xiaomi MI3 now available with Globe at Plan 999

After the 1st with the LG G3, Globe now also has what got to be the hottest selling phone brand online.

The Xiaomi MI3!

Globe is offering the MI3 at Plan 999

Sign up now! 24-hour approval. 24-hour delivery. Guaranteed stocks. Simply pay one (1) month advance via credit card and you can have your new phone delivered within 24 hours.

This promotion is for new subscribers and new line applications only. For loyalty and recontracting concerns, please call (02)730-1300. Thank you and have a wonderful day!

✓ 5-inch display
✓ 13MP camera
✓ Android 4.2 optimized with MIUI version 5
What are you waiting for?
Probably best partnered with GoSurf – so you have free spotify! YEahhh!!

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