Youtube encourages the growth of Local Content Creators with the Pop Up Space Manila

Youtube is the 2nd largest search engine used in the internet today.. with more and more millenials using the platform to learn new things.. or simply watch videos created by their favorite youtubers.

And in an effort to help the community grow more content creator.. Youtube set up the Pop-up Space Manila.


What does the Pop-up Space offers? How about programs, classes, sets, and equipment that YouTube creators can use for free. Cool, right?

Moe Inaki, YouTube Space Asia Pacific Senior Strategist said, “The YouTube Pop-up Space Manila is our latest effort to invest in the development of the Filipino creator community, which has grown considerably over the past year. By giving them access to all these trainings and opportunities, we hope to see more empowered creators growing their audiences, building their careers, and contributing more to the Philippines’ digital ecosystem.”


To spice up things during the 3 day event, Youtube also introduced the winners of the first YouTube NextUp in the Philippines, launched in Manila last July. Since its 2011 debut, the NextUp program has sent more than 300 up-and-coming creators in 15 countries participate in creator camps, where they learned about production techniques from NextUp alumni and collaborated with other creators.


Big name local YouTube Creators where also present during the event.


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